Wallsend St. Luke baptisms 1901-1916

6,384 baptisms at Wallsend St. Luke in the district of Tynemouth, Northumberland, covering 1901-1916. Residences mentioned were mostly street addresses in Wallsend, but also include Bigges Main, Walker, and Walkerville. Nearly all of these baptisms include the child’s birth date.

This clerk seems to have had a problem understanding middle names, often recording them as part of the surname. For example:

  • 9 Jul 1904 John Joseph Laing-Mavin, of 19 Carville Gardens, born 23 Jun 1904, child of George (fitter) & Hannah Laing-Mavin
    [Note: GRO birth index shows John Joseph Mavin and other baptisms to this couple show the father as George Laing Mavin.]
  • 19 Sep 1914 Elizabeth Jane Cook-Ronald, of 97 Vine Street, born 28 Aug 1914, child of William Cook-Ronald (holder-up) & Elizabeth Jane Cook-Ronald
    [Note: registered with the surname Ronald, mother nee Cook.]

In this next one, the clerk seems to swapped the father’s given name with the surname:

  • 2 Jan 1904 Robert Edward [Knox], of Wear Street, child of Knox [Edward] (rivetter) & Hannah Edward [Knox]
    [Note: although it says Edward in the Surname box and Knox under Hannah in the parents’ Christian name box, we think the clerk swapped the surname with the father’s given name. The GRO birth index shows Robert Knox in this quarter and there are other baptisms to Edward Knox, a rivetter, and his wife Hannah on Wear St.]

Here is another example:

  • 10 Mar 1915 Kathleen Jane Mark [Hadnutt], of 11 Kitchener Terrace, born 28 Jan 1915, child of Hadnutt (plater’s helper) & Lily Mark [Hadnutt]
    [Note: this entry seems jumbled. The GRO birth index shows Cathlena J M Hadnutt, mother nee Smith. The marriage index shows John T Hadnutt & Elizabeth Smith married in Tynemouth district in 1914.]