Haltwhistle baptisms & burials 1798-1812

At Haltwhistle Holy Cross in Haltwhistle district, Northumberland, covering the marvelously detailed years of 1798-1812:

  • 1,270 baptisms
  • 672 burials

These are from a combination of the Bishop’s Transcript and the parish register. These two documents were mostly consistent with each other, but in a few cases, the Bishop’s Transcript listed occupations for fathers and husbands where the parish register did not.

The parish of Haltwhistle includes a chapel at Beltingham, built in the 15th century with some parts dating back to at least 1260. Many burials in this set were in the churchyard at Beltingham and are noted as such. Some children were also baptized there. The Beltingham churchyard is famous for its Roman and Saxon artifacts, and for its yew trees, one of which is estimated to be over 1000 years old.

Most of these baptisms list the mother’s maiden surname and the nativity of both parents. Starting in late 1809, many also show the mother’s father or both of her parents. Some samples:

  • 13 Jan 1798 George Humble, born 10 Jan, illegitimate son of Margaret Humble (of the Spittal, native of this parish, single woman)
  • 9 Feb 1805 Christopher Carrick, born 3 Feb, 1st son of Francis Carrick (farmer, native of this parish) by his 2nd wife Mary Robson (native of Simonburn)
  • 30 Dec 1810 Catherine Whitfield, born 9 May 1780, 2nd daughter of John Whitfield (joiner, a Quaker of the township of Coanwood) by his wife Elizabeth Snowdon (daughter of Robert Snowdon, farmer of the township of Coanwood, by his wife Catherine)

Sample burials:

  • 10 Jul 1798 Esther Nattrass, of Blenkinsop Castle, age: 44, wife of Thomas Nattrass (mason), died 8 Jul
  • 1 May 1803 Elizabeth Ridley, of Millhouse, age: 57, wife of George Ridley (blacksmith), buried at Beltingham, died 29 Apr
  • 25 Aug 1807 Mary Smith, of Caufield, age: 105, widow, died 22 Aug
  • 4 Dec 1811 Joseph Lee, of Burnfoot in the township of Featherstone, age: 18, son of William Lee (farmer), died 2 Dec of a bowel complaint, died in one fortnight’s illness, before which he had always been healthy and strong

Here’s an interesting margin note from the register:

  • “Sunday February 24th 1805 a Remarkable High Flood in ye River Tyne”.