Merrington baptisms & burials 1701-1761, marriages 1701-1790

We have filled an important gap in our collection of the records of Merrington St. John the Evangelist in Auckland district:

  • 1,438 baptisms covering 1701-1761
  • 640 marriages covering 1701-1790.  We also included 47 sets of banns for marriages that did not take place at Merrington (but the banns were called there) from 1754 through 1790.
  • 960 burials covering 1701-1761

This parish was also called Kirk Merrington or Church Merrington. Places of residence include Bishop Auckland, Broom Hill, Butcher Race, Chilton or Great Chilton, Ferryhill or Ferriers Hill, Fieldhouse, Hall Heads, Hett, the Howl, Leasingthorn, Little Chilton, Merrington, Merrington Mill, Middleston, Standalone, Thinford Lane, Thrundale, Tudhoe, Westerton, and Windleston.

There are no baptisms recorded for between July 1721 and January 1723. Sample baptisms:

  • 4 Jan 1701 Robert & Anthonie Hearing, of Ferryhill, children of Anthonie Hearing
  • [blank] Apr 1719 Thomas [Dobinson/Sedgwick], illegitimate son of Thomas Dobinson (carpenter of Merrington) & Frances Sedgwick (widow)
    [Note: entered after Apr 5th.]
  • 5 Oct 1740 Katharine Staffourd, of Thinford Lane, daughter of John Staffourd
  • 29 Nov 1761 Rebekah Gilespy, of Merrington, daughter of John Gilespy

While the marriages are supposedly indexed by the old IGI at, we found 99 marriages that are not present in that index, with no discernible pattern as to why they were omitted. There are no marriages recorded in 1721-1723. Sample marriages:

  • 23 Sep 1701 Richard Haswell (of Cornforth) married Mary Routledge (of Hett)
  • 19 Jul 1733 Joseph Walton (merchant, of the parish of Gateshead) married Anne Greenwell (of this parish)
  • 24 Nov 1754 Philip Battensby (of the parish of Bishop Middleham) married Anne Crow (of this parish), by banns
    Witnesses: John Sharp; William Jackson
  • 29 Nov 1789 George Beck (husbandman, of this parish) married Ann Carson (spinster, of this parish), by licence
    Witnesses: Thomas Blench; Thos. Rickarby

Sample marriage banns:

  • 23 Mar 1755 John Mayor (of this parish) & Anne Sleigh (of St.Hellen Auckland), banns published Mar 9th,16th & 23rd

There are no burials recorded for 1722-1723, Jan-Aug 1728, and Jan-Aug 1745. Burials in 1720 look incomplete (there aren’t many, and most are not dated). Sample burials:

  • 14 Jan 1701 Cuthbert Hopper, of Hett, son of Thomas Hopper
  • 23 Apr 1710 Ralph Adamson, of Hett, age: in the 105th year of his age
  • 21 Dec 1727 Elisebeth Benson, servant to Thomas Wheatle of Broomhill
  • 12 Aug 1737 Elizabeth Cockeron, wife of John Cockeron (merchant)
  • 16 Jun 1746 [blank] Johnson, of Ferryhill, mother of Ralph Johnson

We now have a complete set of baptisms, marriages, and burials in this parish from 1580 to 1884 inclusive.