Newcastle St. Andrew baptisms 1857-1868

3,959 baptisms at St. Andrew’s church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, covering 1857 through 1868. Abodes listed are mostly streets in Newcastle, but also include Ballast Hills, the Barracks, Bentick, Benwell, Brunton, Bulman’s Village, Chimney Mills, Cox Lodge, Darn Crook, Elswick, Fenham, Gateshead, Gosforth, Jesmond, Kenton, Longbenton, Ouseburn, Seaton Burn, Shield Field, Spital Tongues, Usworth, Walker, Wallsend, and West Moor.

This clerk continued to exhibit a lot of confusion about names. As with earlier entries in this register, he confused middle names with surnames and sometimes used the mother’s maiden surname as the family surname, even when the parents had been married for several years. For example:

  • 14 Oct 1866 Isabella Walkinshaw [Thompson], of Spring Gardens, child of William (engineer) & Annabella Walkinshaw [Thompson]
    [Note: Isabella Thompson in the GRO birth index, and there are other baptisms to William Thompson & Annabella Walkenshaw. This couple married in 1863, but the clerk seems to have been confused and entered the mother’s maiden surname here instead of the father’s surname.]
  • 25 Mar 1865 John Thomas Potts [Pallan], of Kenton, child of Robert (labourer) & Mabel Potts [Pallan]
    [Note: clearly Potts, but this couple has other baptisms as Pallan, and the GRO birth index shows him in 2Q 1864 as Pallan with a mother’s maiden surname of Potts. The clerk must have gotten confused about the surnames.]
  • 24 Aug 1862 Thomas Inman Simpson, of Park Place, son of Robert (cartman) & Jane Simpson
    [Note: Thomas Inman in the GRO birth index. This family seems to use Simpson and Inman as a middle name and surname, in different combinations. In this baptism, Inman was crossed out in the Surname box and replaced by Simpson.]

What do you want to bet that these boys were the 7th and 8th children of this couple?

  • 12 Jun 1861 Septimus John Roxby, of Nixon St, child of William Wright Roxby (coal agent) & Mary Roxby
  • 12 Jun 1861 Harry Octavius Roxby, of Nixon St, child of William Wright Roxby (coal agent) & Mary Roxby