Tweedmouth baptisms 1800-1812

588 baptisms spanning 1800-1812 at Tweedmouth St. Bartholomew in the district of Berwick in northeast Northumberland. Some samples:

  • 18 May 1800 Peter McDougle, born 26 Apr, 1st son of Peter McDougle (baker, native of Crookham, Ford Parish) by his wife Jane late Addison (daughter of Robert Addison, native of Coldingham, North Britain)
  • 26 Feb 1812 William Carens, of Tweedmouth, born 31 Dec 1811, 5th son of Michael Carens (merchant taylor, native of this parish) by his wife Sarah late Lamb (daughter of James Lamb of Belford)

These are from a combination of the parish register and the Bishop’s Transcript, for maximum detail. The register, especially in 1809-1810, is in very poor condition with quite a bit of damage, and it looks like there might have been some pages removed in that period. We found some baptisms in the Bishop’s Transcript that were not in the original register, and a few that had more detail or differing information. For example:

  • 17 Jul 1808 Jane Crewther, of Tweedmouth, born 28 Jun, 1st daughter of Thomas Crewther (shipwright, native of Lowick) by his wife Jane late Simpson (daughter of Thomas Simpson, native of Berwick)
    [Note: some details were omitted in the original register but were included in the Bishop’s Transcript, which provided “shipwright, native of Lowick” and “daughter of Thos. Simpson, native of Berwick”.]

Since abodes were not required to be recorded in this period, many baptisms do not list them. The few abodes mentioned include Ancroft, Berwick, East Ord, Morton or Murton, Ord Moor, Scremerston, Spittal, and Tweedmouth.