Wallsend St. Luke baptisms 1917-1940

8,141 baptisms at Wallsend St. Luke in the district of Tynemouth, Northumberland, covering 1917-1940. Residences mentioned were mostly street addresses in Wallsend, but also include Bigges Main, Newcastle, Walker, Walkerville, and Willington Quay. Nearly all of these baptisms include the child’s birth date.

As with the previous set of records from this church, the clerk continued to have problems with middle names, often hyphenating them with the surname. For example:

  • 12 Jun 1918 James William Michael-Taylor, of 70 Elton Street West, born 24 May 1918, child of Thomas Michael-Taylor (labourer) & Florence Elizabeth Michael-Taylor
    [Note: James W M Taylor in the GRO birth index.]

Don’t worry, we index all hyphenated surnames as both surnames, so a search for Taylor will find this baptism.

Here are a few other sample baptisms:

  • 6 Jan 1917 Stanley Norman Featherstone, of 118 Woodbine Avenue, born 13 Dec 1916, child of Thomas (brass finisher) & Susannah Featherstone
  • 13 Jan 1917 William Tonks Fisk, of 68 Laurel Street, born 24 Dec 1916, child of Lizzie Fisk
  • 18 Mar 1940 Robert Vincent Irving, of 46 Kitchener Terrace, born 17 Apr 1914, child of Thomas Irving & Sarah Alice Irving, private baptism, adult

We’ll close with a confusing puzzle:

  • 27 Aug 1919 Frederick Griffiths [Taylor], of 145 Benton Way, born 1 Aug 1919, child of Frederick (soldier) & Ada Griffiths [Taylor]
    [Note: registered with the surname Taylor, mother’s maiden surname Swan. The same is true for 2 Griffiths siblings in this register. Two earlier children were baptized Taylor, with the father listed as Alfred, which corresponds to a 1912 marriage of Alfred Taylor & Ada Swan. Why all the name changes?]