Denton baptisms & burials 1673-1764

571 baptisms and 376 burials at Denton St. Mary in Darlington district, covering 1673-1764, extending our collection backwards in time.

Abodes mentioned include Bello or Bellow, Bolam, Denton, Hilton, Houton or Houghton (Houghton-le-Side), Killerby, Piercebridge, Summerhouse, and Walworth.

This register is mostly in Latin until 1706. Baptisms, marriages, and burials are somewhat grouped by event, but are also mixed together, requiring careful extraction and classification. There are several gaps in the recording of burials, with none recorded for August 1684 to November 1695, May 1729 to March 1739, Sept 1743 to March 1745, Dec 1750 to Jan 1752, and Sept 1759 to Oct 1761. The baptisms display only one obvious gap: May 1684 to Oct 1695. At that point, it looks like several pages were cut out of the register, and the handwriting changes abruptly and starts on a new page.

Sample baptisms – the spelling got really bad in the 1730s:

  • 6 Jan 1676 Chutbert Shawter, of Kilerby, son of Georgij Shawter
  • 13 Jan 1702 Georgius Linsley, of Bolam in the Parish of Gainford, son of Johan. Linsley
  • 28 Dec 1730 John Lanstafe, of Houghton, son of Jams Lanstafe
  • 3 Feb 1760 Marght Dowson, of Denton, daughter of Jacob & Ann Dowson

Sample burials:

  • 21 Jun 1673 Margareta Darnton, wife of Rich. Darnton
  • 27 Jan 1708 Thomas Bishopbrige, of Denton, son of George Bishopbrige
  • 8 Feb 1743 Abraham James, of Killerby
  • 9 Feb 1763 Margaret Headlem, daughter of Samuel Headlem