Hamsterley burials 1701-1764, baptisms 1747-1764, Anabaptist births 1747-1777 & marriages 1748-1754

  • 426 baptisms spanning 1747-1764 and 111 Anabaptist births spanning 1747-1777
  • 980 burials spanning 1701-1764, including many Anabaptist burials
  • 5 Anabaptist marriages (1748-1754) and 7 “banns called but not married here” entries between 1808 and 1812.
  • We are delighted to report that we now have a continuous run of burials at Hamsterley for 1580-1856 and baptisms for 1584-1856.

Tucked between the end of burials in 1813 and the beginning of baptisms in 1814 is an Anabaptist register of births, marriages, and burials, covering the 1740s through 1770s. The earlier burial register also has several sections of Anabaptist burials.

Sample baptisms and births:

  • 27 Sep 1747 Joseph Moses, of Southside, son of Thomas & Lilly Moses
  • 6 Mar 1763 Wm. Moor, of Kazellee, son of Fletcher & Hannah Moor
  • William Readshaw, of Shipley, born 15 Sep 1747, son of Cockerel & Hannah Readshaw
    [Note: from the Anabaptist register found between 1813 burials and 1814 baptisms, starting on page 171.]

The burials from 1701 through 1705 are at the end of a register where the pages are badly damaged (mostly torn), so some information is missing from some of those burials, as shown in the first sample:

  • Aug 1703 Elizabeth Cots, daughter of Michaell Cots
    [Note: from a section of damaged pages at the end of the register. The date is torn off.]
  • 23 Jun 1721 Isabell Parkin, widow of William Parkin (formerly Curate of Hamsterley)
  • 30 Dec 1731 Robert Hodgson, son of Anthony Hodgson, buryed att Meeting House
    [Note: this may be an Anabaptist burial, as it is in a separate section (pages 68-70) of burials following 1738 and this section contains several burials at the Meeting House, which belonged to the Anabaptists.]
  • 27 Jan 1749 Isabel Milburn, of Crane-row, daughter of Robt. & Isabel Milburn
  • 2 Jun 1764 Edward Glenton, of Hamsterly, [the] elder

Sample Anabaptist marriage entry:

  • 13 Nov 1749 Willm. Young (of the parish of Staindrop) married Alice Redhead (of this Parish)
    [Note: from the Anabaptist register found between 1813 burials and 1814 baptisms, starting on page 171.]