Tweedmouth burials 1866-1885

659 burials spanning 1866-1885 at Tweedmouth St. Bartholomew in the district of Berwick, Northumberland, from a combination of the parish register and the Bishop’s Transcript.

Even though this was past the time when relationships were usually listed, about 20% of these burials name a parent or spouse, or list an occupation or other useful fact about the deceased. Here are some samples:

  • 16 Jan 1866 Martha Swinney, of Tweedmouth, age: 39, wife of William Swinney (blacksmith), buried at the cemetery
  • 18 Nov 1867 Margaret Flannigan, of Knowe Head, Tweedmouth, age: 101
  • 24 Jan 1872 Margaret Isabel Richardson Purvis, of Spittal, age: 5, daughter of Thomas Purvis (merchant), buried at the cemetery
  • 7 Mar 1874 Jane Wakenshaw, of the Workhouse, Berwick on Tweed, age: 71
  • 21 Feb 1880 William Richardson, of Sunderland, age: 51, mate of the Barque “Devon” lying at the Carr Rock, drowned, buried at the cemetery

Tweedmouth Cemetery opened in 1858, so most of these burials specify “buried at the cemetery” to differentiate from burials in the churchyard. Abodes mentioned besides streets in Tweedmouth and ships in the dock include Berwick upon Tweed, East Ord, Kyloe, Scremerston, and Spittal.