Darlington Bondgate Methodist Chapel & Darlington Wesleyan Circuit baptisms 1810-1837

157 baptisms at Bondgate Wesleyan Methodist chapel in Darlington or somewhere on the Darlington Wesleyan Methodist circuit, from 1810 to mid-1837, rounding out our previous collection from this chapel, which now runs from 1810 to 1981. The register was actually started in 1812, with several 1810 baptisms and births entered near the beginning in 1813. There are no baptisms recorded between Dec 1813 and June 1821.

Nearly all of these baptisms include the child’s birth date and father’s occupation. Samples:

  • 24 Nov 1823 Jane Botcherby, of Summerhouse, born 14 Sep, daughter of Miles (mason) & Dorothy Botcherby
  • 17 Jul 1836 Mary Elwood, of Darlington, born 16 Jun 1836, daughter of Edward (blacksmith) & Catherine Elwood

The baptisms were performed in various places (as it says in the front of the register) on the Darlington Wesleyan Methodist circuit by various circuit-riding ministers. In order of appearance in the register, the ministers were: Thomas Vasey, James Sykes, Robert Bentham, Robert Pilter, D.G. McAllun, Thomas Hamer, David Rogers, James Miller, Moses Dunn, Joseph Hollingworth, James Johnson, Anthony Boyd Sanderson, Joseph Burgess, William Leach, William Binning, William Towers, William Smith, Thomas Laidman Hodgeson, Thomas Armson, Samuel Crompton, William Woolsey, and James Catton.