Hartburn baptisms & burials 1813-1846, marriages 1805-1846

At Hartburn St. Andrew in the Morpeth district of Northumberland:

  • 1,037 baptisms covering 1813-1846
  • 579 burials covering 1813-1846
  • 345 marriages covering 1805-1846

These are from a combination of the parish register and the Bishop’s Transcript. This baptism set includes births from the Register of Dissenters. The really wonderful news is that, starting in 1816, the clerk included mother’s maiden surnames for most of the baptisms, long after this was no longer required!

Sample baptisms:

  • John Bryce, of Cambo, born 24 Mar 1828, son of Peter Bryce (baker) & Jane Hepple (daughter of John Hepple, native of Benthouse)
    [Note: this is in the Dissenter’s Register.]
  • 3 Jul 1813 Mary Ann Thornton, of Shafto Grange, child of Henry (farmer) & Mary Thornton
  • 26 Jun 1820 Elizabeth Ann Dagg, of Wallington Dove Cote, child of Matthew Dagg (mason) & Mary Black
  • 7 Apr 1834 Isabella [Green/Thompson], of Rufflees, daughter of William Green (husbandman, of Rufflees) & Isabella Thompson (single woman, of Rufflees)
  • 22 Nov 1846 Charles Phillips, of High Angerton, born 23 Oct 1846, child of Charles Phillips (servant) & Elizabeth Davies

Sample marriages:

  • 11 Jun 1807 Joshua Hall (of this parish) married Elizabeth Rochester (of the parish of Kirk Whelpington), by banns
    Witnesses: John Hall; John Rochester
  • 19 Nov 1842 Gilbert Swinburn (bachelor, pitman, full age, of Needless Hall Moor, son of Cuthbert Swinburn, labourer) married Jane Robson (spinster, full age, of Low Angerton, daughter of Robert Robson, labourer), after banns
    Witnesses: James Swinburn; Margaret Swinburn

Sample burials – just a few list a parent or spouse or have some sort of description:

  • 11 Jun 1813 Margaret Detchen, of Parkhead in the chapelry of Netherwitton, age: 90
  • 3 Jun 1828 William [Sinclair/Richardson], of High Angerton, age: 2 weeks, base born son of John Sinclair & Dorothy Richardson
  • 6 Jun 1838 Thomas Stoker, of Deen House Longwitton, age: 8, drowned in the Hart on May 21 as he was going to school & the river was swoln.
  • 19 Jun 1845 Joseph Hepple, of Black Heddon, age: 74

Abodes mentioned frequently besides Hartburn include Angerton (and Angerton Mill, Angerton Moor, Angerton South Steads, High Angerton, and Low Angerton), Cambo, Close House, Corridge (and East and West Corridge), Deanham, Donkin Ridge, East and West Shaftoe, Elf or Elph Hills, Gallows Hill, Green Leighton, Greenside, Hartburn Grange, Hartington, Hartington Hall, Harwood, Harwood Gate, High Fairnley, Highlaws, Kirk Hill, Longwitton and Longwitton Dean, Low Fairnley, Marlish or Marlishes (and East Marlish and West Marlish), Meldon Park Corner, Middleton (and South and North Middleton), Needless Hall and Needless Hall Moor, Newbiggin, Pitty-me or Pity Me, Raff Shield or Ralph Shield, Rothley (and Rothley East Shield, Rothley West Shield, Rothley Mill, and Rothley Park), Rugley Walls, Saugh House, Scarlet Hall, Shaftoe Grange, South Witton, Temple Thornton, Thornton, Thornton Moor, Wallington (and Wallington Broom House, Wallington Close House, Wallington Dove Cot, Wallington Garden House, and Wallington New Houses), West Thornton, Whitridge, and Witton Stone.