Herrington St. Aidan baptisms 1840-1890

At Herrington St. Aidan in the district of Houghton-le-Spring:

  • 1,051 baptisms spanning 1840-1890

The residences listed include many street addresses in New Herrington, plus Bunker Hill, Burn Moor, East Herrington, Flinton Hill, Fox Cover, Hasting Hill, Herrington Engine, Herrington Hill, Herrington Pit and New Pit, Low Haining, Middle Herrington, Mill Pit, Newbottle, Penshaw, Philadelphia, Silksworth, Success, Sunderland, and West Herrington.


  • 3 Oct 1840 Ann [Cummings/Heron], of Middle Herrington, child of William Cummings (farmer) & Elizabeth Heron (spinster)
  • 5 Aug 1865 Mary Snowdon, of Middle Herrington, child of Matthew (countryman) & Elizabeth Snowdon
  • 25 Dec 1890 John William Makepeace, of 32 Fenton Terrace, New Herrington, child of George Valentine Makepeace (banksman) & Mary Jane Makepeace, privately baptised

Herrington St. Aidan was first formed in 1840 as a chapelry in the parish of Houghton-le-Spring. In 1865, we noticed there were only 3 baptisms, all on July 2nd. There were no baptisms following that until April 1866. During this period, administration of the chapelry of Herrington was moved from Houghton-le-Spring to Newbottle. The Vicar of Newbottle held services at St. Aidan’s every Sunday morning and also one Sunday evening each month. If the vicar performed baptisms at Herrington in this period, either he did not record them or he recorded them in the Newbottle parish register without mentioning that they were performed at Herrington. In 1884, the chapelry became the Parish of Herrington, and due to the expansion of the colliery population, a new, larger St. Aidan’s church was built in 1885 and consecrated in 1886.