Pontop Hall & Lanchester St. Cuthbert: marriages 1829-1841, deaths 1819-1840, deaths at Shields 1784-1789; deaths 1778-1788 updated

From Pontop Hall & Lanchester St. Cuthbert’s Catholic chapels in Lanchester district:

  • 45 death records spanning 1819 to 1840 , and 15 records on a list titled “Deaths at Shields” (from 1784 through 1789) in the Pontop Hall register.
  • 9 marriages from 1829 to 1841 plus 3 marriages “at Shields” between 1784 and 1803

The marriages and deaths from 1828 to 1840 were found in a separate register as noted below in the first sample record. We also updated our existing collection of marriages and deaths from the Pontop Hall register, correcting errors and adding some small bits of information that had been omitted.

Sample marriage:

  • 15 Jun 1829 Gulielmum Liddle (of Burn House) married Margaritam Burdon (of Burn House), impedimento consanguinitatis auctoritate episcopi jamjam sublato [the impediment to the marriage of blood relations is lifted by the authority of the bishop]
    Witnesses: Joanni Liddle; Maria Liddle
    [Note: from a register called “Notes Relating to Deaths and Marriages 1828-1842” (RC/Brm 1/23 at the Durham Record Office). Since the Catholic Church did not have a license to perform marriages at this time, this wedding was purely ceremonial. This couple legally married at Lanchester on 15 Jun 1829.]

Sample death records:

  • 1789 Anna Grey, of North Shields, died 25 Feb, wife of Hen. [Henry] Grey
    [Note: this is on a page titled “Deaths at Shields”.]
  • 1826 Hannah Tone, of Pontop, age: 98, died 24 Nov
  • 1829 Thomas Liddle, of Iveston, age: 84, died suddenly 21 Dec
    [Note: from a register called “Notes Relating to Deaths and Marriages 1828-1842” (RC/Brm 1/23 at the Durham Record Office)]

Because Catholic churches did not have their own burying grounds in this period, the burial usually occurred at the nearest Anglican churchyard. The added value of a Catholic death record is that it provides the death date rather than the burial date (and tells you that the deceased was Catholic). We have rearranged the wording in these records to clarify that the date is the death date rather than the burial date, changing records from this format (where the date looks like the burial date because this record is categorized as a burial):

  • 18 Jan 1780 Margarita Punshon, of Bushblades, mother of Gul. [William] Punshon

to this format:

  • 1780 Margarita Punshon, of Bushblades, died 18 Jan, mother of Gul. [William] Punshon

We did not transcribe the following deaths into our database because they didn’t provide enough detail, so we’re making them freely available here in case they’re of use to someone:

1838 Dorothya Rodham
1838 Jacob Watson
1838 Maria Leyburn
1840 Salvator Medici
1840 Eliz. Liddle
1842 Ralph Wheatley of Broom Hill
1842 Jno. Knox of Hair Law
1842 Jno. Gallagher of Marley Hill
1842 Barbara Logan of Crook Hall