Seaham Harbour St. Mary Magdalene Catholic marriages 1871-1910 updated

490 marriages from 1871 through 1910 at St. Mary Magdalene Roman Catholic Church in Seaham Harbour, Easington district, have been updated with the previously-omitted abodes and witnesses. These Catholic marriages do not provide the age and occupation for the parties involved. About 16% do provide the addresses of the fathers. We have also returned all of the names to their original Latin forms (previously they had been translated to English, and for some names, translation can be misleading).

Sample marriages before the update:

  • 27 Dec 1873 James Long (son of William Long) married Bridget Gettings (daughter of Patrick Gettings)
  • 29 Sep 1888 Peter Burns (son of John Burns) married Catherine Daly (daughter of John Daly)

and the same marriages after the update:

  • 27 Dec 1873 Jacobum Long (Seaham Harbour, son of Gulielmi Long) married Birgittam Gettings (of Seaham Harbour, daughter of Patritii Gettings), obtenta dispensatium apostolica mixto matrimonii [mixed marriage]
    Witnesses: Patritio Gettings, of Seaham Harbour; Elizabetha McAllister, of Seaham Harbour
  • 29 Sep 1888 Petrum Burns (Doctor Street, New Seaham, son of Joannis Burns, of Berwick on Tweed) married Catharinam Daly (of Doctor Street, New Seaham, daughter of Joannis Daly, of 59 Doctor Street)
    Witnesses: Joanne Farrell, of Australia Street; Maria Daly, of 27 California Street

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We are working our way through our Easington-district marriage collection, one parish at a time, adding the information that was omitted when these were first transcribed many years ago.