Sedgefield marriages 1581-1812, baptisms 1754-1769

At Sedgefield St. Edmund the Bishop in Stockton district:

  • 2,354 marriages from the beginning of the first register in 1581 to the end of 1812
  • 649 baptisms from January 1754 to March 1769, meeting up with our existing collection which ran from March 1769 to the end of 1854

This marriage set includes banns that were called at Sedgefield from 1754 to 1812, but the couple did not marry there after the publication of the banns.

There are no marriages recorded from Nov 1594 to Nov 1595, July 1647 to Oct 1653, and Oct 1692 to Oct 1693. The marriage register is in Latin from 1581 to 1641, a mix of Latin & English from 1641 to 1664, and then Latin again to August 1754, after which it is in English. Before 1754, there is usually no additional information beyond the date, names of the bride & groom, and sometimes their abodes, but there is a surprising group of marriages with witnesses and abodes in 1654-1657.Thanks to Hardwicke’s Marriage Act, witnesses start appearing consistently in 1754. The marital status (bachelor, widower, spinster, widow) starts appearing in late 1792.

Abodes mentioned besides Sedgefield include Aycliffe, Auckland St. Andrew, Billingham, Bishop Middleham, Bishopton, Bradbury, Brancepeth, Butterwick, Croft, Dalton, Darlington, Durham, Elmdon, Elwick, Fishburn, Foxton, Great Stainton, Grindon, Hardwick, Hart, Heighington, Houghton le Spring, the Isle, Kelloe, Laton or Layton, Merrington, Monk Hedleden, Mordon, Norton, Nunstainton, Old Acres, Stockton, Stranton, Swainston, and Trimdon.

Sample marriages:

  • 5 Jul 1583 Richardus Wood (of Coplawe) married Katheryn Breakes (of Mordon)
  • 7 Nov 1625 Anthonius Hickson (of Sedgfield) married Margarita Moody (of Kello)
  • 18 Dec 1656 Thomas Searll (of Mordon) married Dorathie Conyers (of Mordon), married before Justis Wren att Henknolle
    Witnesses: George Conyers; Raiph Rawling
  • 7 Feb 1721 Johes Cutter (of the parish of Omn. Sact. de Vill Novi Castri super Tinam [All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne]) married Hanna Hixon
  • 13 Aug 1771 George Blackett (of this parish) married Isabel Lightfoot (of this parish), by banns
    Witnesses: Thomas Laws; John Emerson
  • 9 Sep 1797 William Fletcher (widower, of this parish) married Mary Hildrey (widow, of this parish), by banns
    Witnesses: George Wilkinson; Thomas Oswald
  • 30 Dec 1812 Samuel Ianson (bachelor, of Foxton West Farm in this parish) married Mary Harrison (spinster, of the parish of Bishopton), by licence
    Witnesses: Christo. Ianson; Dorothy Hardy

Sample of banns:

  • 21 Sep 1755 Andrew Dods (of this parish) & Ann Haswell (of the parish of Houghton le Spring)
    [Note: date of last banns publication; not married here.]

The baptism register is in Latin until August 1755, when it switches to English. Most of these baptisms list the abode, but not the father’s occupation. Mothers (other than unmarried mothers) are listed starting in June 1758. Sample baptisms:

  • 8 Feb 1754 Georgius Howden, son of Annoe Howden (peregrinoe [traveller])
  • 1 Mar 1755 Radulphus Emerson, of Fishburn, son of Johis Emerson
  • 25 Feb 1761 Jacob Hezlop, of Horse Shoe House, son of Thomas & Mary Hezlop
  • 8 Dec 1768 Mary Longstaff, of Sedgefield, daughter of The Rev’d Mr. William Longstaff (curate) & Mary (his wife)

Burials for 1754-1769 will follow in the next couple of weeks, after which we will continue working our way back to the beginning of the baptisms and burials.