Dawdon marriages 1912-1930 updated

726 marriages from 1912 through 1930 at Dawdon St. Hild & St. Helen in Easington district have been updated with all of the previously-omitted details: age, occupation, marital status, abode, father’s occupation, and witnesses.

Sample marriages before the update:

  • 10 Apr 1917 William James Starrett (son of William James Starrett, deceased) married Ivy Gertrude Medhurst (daughter of George Medhurst)
  • 26 Nov 1921 George Martin (son of William Martin, deceased) married Annie Hardwick (widow, daughter of Thomas Morrellee, deceased)

and the same marriages after the update:

  • 10 Apr 1917 William James Starrett (bachelor, bugler 4th D.L.I. – seaman, age 18, of Council Schools, Dawdon, son of William James Starrett, ship rivetter, deceased) married Ivy Gertrude Medhurst (spinster, age 18, of 28 Maria Street, Seaham Harbour, daughter of George Medhurst, master mariner)
    Witnesses: M. Ritchie; J.R. Robson
  • 26 Nov 1921 George Martin (widower, miner, age 69, of 5 School Street, son of William Martin, miner, deceased) married Annie Hardwick (widow, age 71, of 2 Back North Terrace, Seaham Harbour, daughter of Thomas Morrellee, stonemason, deceased)
    Witnesses: George Allen; Isabella Allen

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We are working our way through our Easington-district marriage collection, one parish at a time, adding the information that was omitted when these were first transcribed many years ago.