Durham St. Oswald baptisms 1580-1629

1,323 baptisms at St. Oswald’s in the city of Durham, from April 1580 to the end of 1629. There are no baptisms recorded from the end of the first register in March 1593 to the beginning of the next register in April 1598. (The “first register” is actually two registers bound together and lettered on the outside “No. 1”, containing the first book from 1538 to early 1580 and the second book from early 1580 to early 1593.)

Only one parent (the father or the unwed mother) is shown in most of these baptisms. Baptisms before March 1581 and from mid-1585 to early 1593 give us only the date and the child’s name. The father’s occupation is generally listed after 1613 and occasionally before then. A few baptisms have godparents named. About 200 of these show a residence, including Aldernedge (Aldernage), Borne Hall (Burnhall), Brome (Broom), Fenckley (Finchale), and various spellings of Shincliffe.

Sample baptisms:

  • 3 Apr 1580 Yzabell Carter
  • 28 Mar 1581 Jane Fereles, dowgter of Wm. Fereles
  • 13 Jun 1590 Oswalde Denen
  • 2 Sep 1598 Clement Ramshaw, sonne of Hughe Ramshaw
  • 3 Jun 1604 Margerie Herryson, daughter of Thomas Herryson (hynd to Mr. Rand)
  • 6 Jun 1613 Ann Brantingham [Frame], daughter of John Brantingham (of Gilligaite, mylner) beinge baisse begotten with Margery Frame (of this parish)
    Godparents or Sponsors: Robt. Robinson of Elvitt; Ann Stphenson [sic]; Katherine Kirsoppe
  • 11 Jun 1616 Esabell Herrison, daughter of Arthur Herrison (beinge the backhouse man)
  • 26 Dec 1629 Esabell Elstobb, of Shinckcliffe, daughter of Richard Elstobb (whelwright)