Middleton St. George baptisms 1652-1767

589 baptisms at Middleton St. George in Darlington district, from the beginning of the first register in 1652 to the end of 1767. We now have all the baptisms at this church from 1652 to the end of 1871. Since the first burial register for this church starts in 1616, we assume an entire baptism register from about 1616 through 1651 has been lost or destroyed.

Before 1755, these baptisms are usually nothing more than the date, child’s name, and father’s name. Occasionally there will be a father’s occupation or abode. The register uses a mix of English and Latin from 1694 through 1697. Starting in 1755, the father’s occupation is present in most baptisms.

Here are some samples, starting with an unusual one that lists the father’s father:

  • 9 Sep 1656 Edenn Hutcheson, daughter of Thomas Hutcheson (the younger son of William Hutcheson)
  • 17 Jul 1697 Gulielmus Harrison, son of Gaskieogne Harrison
  • 24 Aug 1716 John Pecocke, son of Richard Pecocke
  • 18 Apr 1736 Allis Savill, daughter of Nichaell Savill
  • 25 Sep 1757 Thomas Hyenson, son of William Hyenson (blacksmith)
  • 9 Jan 1762 Mary Douglas, of Middleton One Row, daughter of Peter Douglas (labourer)

The few abodes mentioned include Middleton One Row and the parish of Egglescliffe.

We’ll be working on extending the marriages and burials backward from our existing collection at this church.