Newburn baptisms 1713-1723

544 baptisms at Newburn St. Michael & All Angels in the Castle Ward district of Northumberland, covering 1713-1723.

There was quite a bit of disorder in the register between late 1715 and mid-1717 and again from 1720 to mid-1723, with many baptisms entered months or years after they occurred. Reverend Thomas Capstack was the vicar of Newburn from 1694 to 1738. The Durham Diocesan records show that he was “corrected” by Church officials for “disorderly and drunken behaviour” in 1721, so we think we see the problem! As we noted in our release of baptisms from 1724-1763, attempts were made by a later vicar to catch up in the 1750s, and it looks like some attempts were made in 1720-1723 to record the omitted baptisms, but it would not surprise us if this section of the register is incomplete – and indeed, there are no baptisms in the register from 3 Apr 1722 to 23 Jan 1723.

Newburn is just across the River Tyne from the County Durham parishes of Ryton, Whickham, and Gateshead, so many families moved back and forth and will be found in the records of all four parishes. Residences mentioned besides Newburn include Bell’s Close, Black Callerton, Butterlaw, Chapel House, Dalton, East Denton, Dissington East Houses, Dewley or Duley, Hillhead, Lemington, Lough Houses, Menses or Mins House, Newbegin (Newbiggin), Newburn Hall, Newburn High Mill, North Dissington, Penny Rife Hill, South Dissington, Throckley, Walbottle, West Denton, Whorlton Moor, and Wissington.

This baptism tells quite a tale:

  • 21 Feb 1720 Anne Feald Hudson, of Walbotle, daughter of Isabel Hudson, information being given to Mr. James Lange, curate of Newburne, that she was with childe. The churchwardens examined her seriously of her guilt and who was the father, but she made no confession, but said while she was going to Newcastle with sweet butter, their was two men mett her and one was witness till the other lay with her and she being brought to bed of a child. The foure and twenty and churchwardens mett about baptizing the child and keeping the parish indempnified and asked the curate to baptize the child after sermon at Walbotle.

but most of the baptisms in this set give just the date, child’s name, father’s name, abode, and occasionally, a birth date:

  • 21 Apr 1713 Henry Mangerton, of Black Callerton, son of Martin Mangerton
  • 16 Mar 1718 Mary Maugham, of Bell’s Close, daughter of William Maugham
  • 1720 John Penman, of Dalton, born 24 Jun 1720, son of William Penman
    [Note: entered out of order between March and April 1720]
  • 23 Sep 1723 Thomas Cargy, of Piggs Hall, son of John Cargy
    [Note: entered on a page of errata (omitted entries), between March and April in 1725]