Sedgefield burials 1750-1769

717 burials at Sedgefield St. Edmund the Bishop in Stockton district, covering 1750-1769.

The burial register is in Latin until August 1755, when it switches to English. Sample burials:

  • 10 Jan 1750 Magister Rowlandus Burdon, of Sedgfield
  • 3 Jun 1753 Radulphus Craggs, of Butterwick, son of Georgii Craggs
  • 6 Jan 1758 Ralph [Atchison/Chambers], illegitimate son of Ralph Aitchison & Isabell Chambers
  • 19 Oct 1762 Dorothy Barker, of Sedgfield, wife of Francis Barker
  • 24 Aug 1767 Elisabeth Smurthwaite, of Old Acres, servant to Miss Spearman, killed by a fall from a cart
  • 22 Feb 1769 Mary Marsh, of Swalwell, daughter of George Marsh & Martha (his wife)

Abodes mentioned besides Sedgefield include Bradbury, Butterwick, Cowburn, Elmdon, Fishburn, Foxton, Hardwick, Hole House, Horse Shoe House, the Isle, Layton, Lizards, Low Swainston, Mordon, Murton, Old Acres, Sands, and Weeterton.