Two Hartlepool Methodist church names corrected

We discovered that we had mis-attributed the baptism records of two Hartlepool Methodist churches. The records we had thought were from West Hartlepool Wesleyan Methodist Church (aka Wesley Chapel aka “the Big Wesley”) are actually from the Hartlepool Wesleyan Methodist Church on Northgate Street, and the records we thought were from the Wesleyan Reformed chapel are actually from the West Hartlepool Wesleyan Methodist Church on Brunswick Street, whose congregation later moved to the Big Wesley. We have now fixed those names and if you look at any of these baptisms in your My Orders list, they will have the correct church names attached to them. We’ve also edited the original announcement from 2014 to make these corrections, so as not to confuse future readers.

We will soon be adding another 10 years of baptisms to the set from the Northgate Street church.