Durham St. Margaret baptisms, burials, marriages 1701-1764; banns 1653-1658, 1754-1812

We have filled the gaps at St. Margaret’s in the city of Durham with:

  • 2,853 baptisms spanning 1701-1764 and 30 births of dissenters spanning 1701-1719
  • 3,213 burials spanning 1701 to 1764 (including 33 flagged as dissenters)
  • 832 marriages spanning 1701 to 1764
  • 21 publications of intent to marry (the precursor to banns) between 1653 and 1658
  • 219 banns publications where the couple did not marry here, spanning 1754-1812 (banns were not recorded between 1658 and 1754)
St. Margaret’s was a chapelry in the parish of St. Oswald, with its church situated at the junction of Crossgate and South Street. It includes the townships of Crossgate and Framwellgate, which are abbreviated numerous ways in these records, with the briefest being “Cr.” and “Fr.” respectively.
In the baptisms before Dec 1732, only the father is named, and mothers are named only for illegitimate children. Abodes are given from 1701 to late 1711 and the father’s occupation is usually given from 1701 to March 1702; after those end dates, abodes and the father’s occupation appear only occasionally. There are 5 pages of births and burials of dissenters at the beginning of the 1652-1720 register, plus a few births of dissenters written upside down on the last page. Here are some sample baptisms:
  • 5 Jan 1701 Thomas Swalwell, of Framwelgate, son of Thomas Swalwell (mayson)
  • 16 Jan 1711 Rebecca Harbuttall, of Sut’stritt [South Street], daughter of William Harbuttall
  • 1713 Janne Dent, born 4 Apr 1713, daughter of Thomas Dent
    [Note: this is on a list of the births of dissenters, in the first 5 pages of the 1652-1720 register.]
  • 11 Oct 1725 David Kay, of Framw. [Framwellgate], son of Robert Kay (joyner)
  • 8 Jul 1733 Edward Preston, son of William & Alice Preston
  • 23 Sep 1764 Petter [Hutchinson/Duckett], bastard son of Robert Hutchinson & Elizabeth Duckett

Marriage witnesses start appearing in 1754, as usual. Before that, abodes appear infrequently (generally only if the bride or groom lived outside the parish), so many marriages before 1754 consist of just the date and the names of the bride & groom. Here are some sample marriages, banns, and intents to marry:

  • 9 Sep 1654 John Jolly & Margaret Baker (of South Sheels), intention to marry published in the Markett
    [Note: date of last banns publication; not married here.]
  • 3 Mar 1701 Thomas Thompson (of the parish of Sedgefield) married Alice Snawdon
  • 24 Aug 1724 Thomas Cook married Elizabeth Smart (a common strumpet)
  • 7 Apr 1743 Anthony Coltman married Eleanor Darnbrough
  • 23 Oct 1752 Robert Wardle married Mary Mowbray, by banns
  • 4 Dec 1764 John Ingram married Caroline Whitaker, both of this chapelry, by licence
    Witnesses: Robert Dobson; Margaret Moss
  • 28 Jun 1812 Matthew Buddle (of the parish of St. Oswald’s) & Mary Anderson (of this chapelry)
    [Note: date of last banns publication; not married here.]

Between 5 Jan 1754 and 3 Oct 1756, there is only one burial, in Sept 1755. We get some fathers’ occupations in the first 2 years, and abodes (usually abbreviated) are listed in most burials until the end of 1711; after that, we see very few occupations or abodes. Fathers and single mothers of deceased children are often listed, as is the wife of a deceased man. For children, we start getting the mother as well as the father in early 1733. Sample burials:

  • 21 Jan 1701 James Starford, of Crossgate, sonne of Henry Starford (roper)
  • 19 Jun 1710 Jane Rowwell, of Cros [gate], widdow
  • 6 Jun 1717 George Dent, son of Thomas Dent
    [Note: this is on a list of burials of dissenters, in the first 5 pages of the 1652-1720 register.]
  • 30 Jul 1722 Truth Salkeld, wife of Mr. Lancelot Salkeld
  • 8 Jun 1733 Thomas Parmelly, son of Cuthbert & Mary Parmelly
  • 17 Feb 1741 Thomas Longstaff, son of Robert & Mary Longstaff
  • 13 Feb 1751 Jane [Caldcleugh/Chapman], daughter of Thos. Caldcleugh & Frances Chapman, bastard
  • 24 Jan 1764 Catheren Coxen, wife of Edward Coxen

We are very happy to now have all the baptisms and burials at St. Margaret’s from the beginning of the first register in 1558 to the end of 1849 (plus burials 1920-early 1940), and marriages from 1558 through June 1837 plus all existing marriage banns for 1653-1812.