Netherwitton baptisms & burials 1794-1860

In another new-to-this-site parish, we have 756 baptisms and 536 burials at Netherwitton St. Giles in the district of Morpeth, Northumberland, spanning 1794-1860, from a combination of the parish register and the Bishop’s Transcript.

Abodes mentioned include Bellion, Birkheads, Birkyburn, Buckshaw, Clayton’s House, Coalhouses, Coatyards, Colt Park, Combhill, Doehill, Ewesley, Folly House, Font Green, Garley Side, Garret Lee, Green Leighton, Healey, Keyhirst, Longlee, Longshaws, Longwitton, Morpeth, Needless Hall Moor, Netherwitton, Netherwitton Barns, Nunnykirk, Nunriding, Old Park, Park Head or Parkhead, Park Wall or Parkwall, Reaburn, Ritton, Ritton Whitehouse, Rothley Shields, Roughlees or Rufflees, Shelley, Stanton, Wingates, Witton Shields, Woodbine Cottage.

We liked this parish clerk a lot because, in the baptisms, he continued some of the 1798-1812 level of detail into 1813. After a slight gap in this practice, in August 1816 he resumed adding just the mother’s maiden surname to baptisms and continued doing that all the way to the end of 1857, with very few exceptions.

Sample baptisms:

  • 5 Oct 1794 Peter Burn, of Buckshaw, son of William & Isable Burn
  • 6 May 1798 Joseph & Benjamin Burn, born 5 Aug 1797, 8th & 9th sons of William Burn (farmer, native of Netherwitton) by his wife Isabel Ramsay (native of Bolam)
  • 9 May 1813 John Farrer, born 2 Aug, 1st son of Thomas Farrer (house carpenter, native of Netherwitton) by his wife Margaret heretofore Heads (native of Brampton Cumberland)
  • 6 Apr 1824 William [Lowton/Hume], base born child of Joseph Lowton (labourer, sworn father, of Morpeth) & Jane Hume (single woman, of Combe Hills)
  • 12 Jan 1841 Barbara Sproat, of Healey, child of William Sproat (farmer) & Mary Hudson
  • 29 Dec 1860 Roger Sproat, of Netherwitton, child of William (wood merchant) & Margaret Sproat

The burials from 1798-1812 are typically detailed and the burials outside this period are typically terse. However, in 1823-1828, the clerk (seemingly randomly) included a few fathers and spouses, which was unusual but welcome. The register noted that there were no burials in 1839. Sample burials:

  • 19 Aug 1794 Margaret Trevelyan, of Netherwitton, wife of Walter Trevelyan (esqr.)
  • 27 Jul 1798 John Farrer, of Netherwitton, age: 76, died 25 Jul, labourer, husband, first of Ann late Brewis, and then of Margaret late Wilson (deceased)
  • 3 Sep 1812 Edwin Sproat, of Healey, age: 2, died 1 Sep, son of Robert Sproat (farmer) by his wife Barbara heretofore Dodds
  • 31 Mar 1822 Samuel George, of Ritton, age: 102
  • 30 Jun 1836 Mary Cairns, of Wittonshield, age: 71
  • 10 Sep 1857 the Rev’d Richard Wearing, of [the] Parsonage, Netherwitton, age: 56