Lanchester baptisms 1852-1865

1,371 baptisms at Lanchester All Saints in Lanchester district, covering 1852-1865. We now have over 300 years of baptisms here, from the first available register in 1560 to the end of 1865.

Abodes mentioned include Annfield Plain, Bargate, Berry Edge, Broomhouse, Burnhope, Burnhope Colliery, Burnhope Flatt, Caribees, Castleside, Chapmanā€™s Well, Colepike, Crag Head or Craghead, Craghead Colliery, Crook Hall, David’s Town, East Field Cottages, Edmondsley, Fawside, Fen Hall, Greencroft, Happyland, Holmside, Hornsby or Ornsby Hill, Hurbuck, Iveston or Ivestone, Jaw Blades, Knitsley Grange and Knitsley Mill, Lanchester, Langley, Leadgate, Low Town, Maiden Law, Morrow Field, Newbiggin, Nursing Field, Quaking House Colliery, Redwell Hills, South Annfield, South Moor and South Moor Colliery, Stand Against All, Stoney Heap, Try em All, Wagtail, White House, and Woodlands.

Many of these baptisms have the child’s birth date, especially after 1859. Samples:

  • 21 Mar 1852 John Thomas Glendinning, of Waskerley, son of Joseph Glendinning (wagon rider) & Ann Bell Glendinning
  • 2 Apr 1858 Joseph Carter, of Holmeside, born 5 Apr 1854, son of Henry Edward Coulson Carter (woodman) & Elizabeth Carter
  • 24 Dec 1865 Dorothy Anne Golightly, of Crag Head, born 8 Nov 1865, daughter of Richard (collier) & Margaret Golightly

The order of entries in the register after 1863 became very chaotic, with different months and even different years all entered together, not in chronological order. It is possible that the clerk was gathering records from different chapels within the parish of Lanchester and entering them in the All Saints register as he received them, but the records do not tell us which chapels they are from (or if that is even the case).