Marriages 1837-1841 or 1851 at Barnard Castle, Billingham, Bishop Middleham, Boldon, Brancepeth, Cockfield, Coniscliffe, Croxdale, Darlington, Denton, Dinsdale

We’ve been working on extending our marriage collection at each Anglican church from mid-1837 (where civil registration began and many of our transcripts currently stop) to the end of 1841 or 1851, depending on parish size and time available. These marriages are, of course, just like a civil marriage record, with ages (or at least “of full age” or “minor”), fathers, occupations, marital statuses, and witnesses.

We are tackling the churches in alphabetical order. In this set we have 768 marriages:

  • Barnard Castle St. Mary 1837-1841 (153 marriages)
  • Billingham St. Cuthbert 1837-1841 (46 marriages)
  • Bishop Middleham St. Michael 1837-1841 (48 marriages)
  • Boldon St. Nicholas 1837-1841 (20 marriages)
  • Brancepeth St. Brandon 1837-1842 (70 marriages)
  • Cockfield St. Mary 1837-1841 (39 marriages)
  • Coniscliffe St. Edwin 1837-1841 (13 marriages)
  • Croxdale St. Bartholomew 1837-1851 (14 marriages)
  • Darlington St. Cuthbert 1837-1841 (340 marriages)
  • Denton St. Mary 1837-1851 (15 marriages)
  • Dinsdale St. John the Baptist 1838-1851 (10 marriages)

Some samples:

  • At Darlington St. Cuthbert: 6 Aug 1837 James Hitchin Emidy (bachelor, riding master, full age, of Darlington, son of Joseph Emidy, author of music) married Emily Maria Jane Bess Ayre (spinster, age: minor, of Richmond, daughter of George Ayre, captain in the Army)
    Witnesses: William Teal; Mary Earl
  • At Denton St. Mary: 24 Jun 1849 William Atkinson (widower, pensioner, full age, of Denton, son of Richard Atkinson, farmer of cattle) married Hannah Lamb (widow, full age, of Denton, daughter of Thomas Kellet, labourer)
    Witnesses: Jonathan Kellet; Thomas Walker
  • At Barnard Castle St. Mary: 24 May 1838 Thomas Wouldhave (bachelor, weaver, age 20, of Bridgegate, son of John Wouldhave, dyer) married Ann McDowell (widow, full age, of Thorngate, daughter of William Lyon, shoemaker)
    Witnesses: William Barnes; Jane Barnes