Middleton St. George burials 1619-1767, marriages & banns 1754-1812

At Middleton St. George (St. George) in Darlington district:

  • 593 burials from the beginning of the first register in 1616 to the end of 1767. We now have all the burials at this church from 1616 to the end of 1903.
  • 85 marriages and 10 “banns called not married here” covering 1754-1812

There are numerous one-year to two-year gaps in the recording of burials throughout this entire set. While this could be accounted for by the relatively small population of the parish, it also seems like the clerk may have neglected to record entire years here and there. The 1640s are particularly sparse. The longest continuous periods with no burials are 1634-1636, mid-1713 to mid-1715, and mid-1758 to mid-1760. Most other gaps were 12 to 18 months, occurring regularly every few years, and many years had only one or two burials per year.

Bubonic plague swept through County Durham in 1645 and no burials were recorded in that year until December, when a number of burials were recorded with this note:

 “A note of such as died in tym of the sicknes forgotten to be sett downe in their prop. place”.

Latin names were used in 1695-1699. Occupations start appearing regularly in 1756. Only a few burials list an abode. Here are some samples:

  • 1 May 1616 Anne Feldhouse
  • 6 Mar 1626 Rebecca Wilkinson, the supposed daughter of Thomas Wilkinson
  • 25 Sep 1647 Elizabeth Daile, wife of William Daile
    [Note: this is on a list titled “A note of such as died in tym of the sicknes forgotten to be sett downe in their prop. place”, found in Vol. 1 page 112.]
  • 26 Jan 1697 Gulielmus Peacock, son of Johannis Peacock
  • 22 Nov 1718 Mary Kinge, wife of Marmeduke Kinge
  • 14 Feb 1747 William Noble, Rector of Midleton and Dinsdale, departed this Life February ye 11th day at 8 at night and was buryed February ye 14th in Dinsdale Parrish Church in the Quire, 1746/7 being Rector of Midleton 24 years 19 weeks and one day.
  • 25 May 1764 Elizabeth Ingledew, of Yarm, daughter of Silvester Ingledew (butcher)

Sample marriage (occasionally, an occupation or marital status is shown) and banns:

  • 31 Jan 1757 Thomas Brewis (of the parish of Smeaton) married Elisabeth Pinchar (of this parish)
    Witnesses: John Pinchar; Thomas Ollever
  • 10 Jan 1765 Thomas Hopper (yeoman, of the parish of Cockfield) married Elizabeth Cooke (widow, of this parish)
    Witnesses: Thos. Wilkinson; Robert Todd
  • Banns: 25 Nov 1798 Thomas Battensby (of this parish) & Barbara Ord (of the parish of Smeaton)
    [Note: not married here; date is date of last banns publication.]

Abodes mentioned in marriages include many adjacent parishes: Barton, Croft, Darlington, Dinsdale, Egglescliffe, Hurworth, Smeaton, St. Andrew Auckland, and Yarm.