Netherwitton marriages 1795-1861

120 marriages at Netherwitton St. Giles in the district of Morpeth, Northumberland, spanning 1795-1861, from a combination of the parish register and the Bishop’s Transcript.

This parish was small and sparsely populated in this period, so there are many years in which no one got married here (often a gap of one or two years between marriages).

Sample marriages:

  • 6 Apr 1797 William Tweedy (of Hudspeth in the parish of Elsdon) married Hannah Redshaw (of Ritton in this parish), by licence
    Witnesses: Joseph Fenwick; Isabella Redshaw
  • 1 Dec 1839 Matthew Wintrip (widower, countryman, full age, of Coat Yards Lane, son of John Wintrip, farmer) married Jane Taylor (spinster, full age, of Wimgate Moor, daughter of John Taylor, countryman), after banns
    Witnesses: James Scott; Maria Davison

Abodes mentioned include Birkheads, Ewesley, Felton, Hartburn, Longhorsley, Netherwitton, Ritton, and Rothbury.