Barnard Castle baptisms & burials 1688-1761

5,254 baptisms and 4,423 burials at Barnard Castle St. Mary in Teesdale district, spanning 1688-1761, meeting up with the later records we already had on the site. We now have baptisms at this church from 1688 through 1846 and burials from 1688 through 1904.

Abodes mentioned besides Barnard Castle include Brimalaw or Broomielaw, East Shaws, Harmire, Hullerbush or Hunner Bush, Hunger Knowle, Marwood, Moorside, Park Wall or Parkwall, Rodger Moor or Roger Moor, Shipley, Stainton or Stenton, Stainton Hill, Startforth, Streatlam and Streatlam Dikes, West Roger Moor, West Shaws, Westwick, and Woolhouse.

Sample baptisms:

  • 10 Jan 1688 Isabel Apleby, of Hunger Knowle, daughter of Richard Apleby
  • 28 Feb 1706 John Cheesbrough, of Barnard Castle, son of William Cheesbrough (weaver)
  • 6 Mar 1723 Bertrum [Bulmer/Couper], of Barnard Castle, base son of George Bulmer & Frances Couper (widow)
  • 21 Sep 1733 Benjamin Bass, son of John Bass, born att Brough
  • 5 Sep 1742 Margaret Colpits, of Streatlam, daughter of Mr. Thomas Colpits
  • 26 Jul 1759 John Furniss, son of Matthew Furniss, Roman Catholick, born. Deposition of Aunt Ann Vint & Jane Allison, given to me, B.H., Curate
  • 18 Oct 1761 Robert Lonsdaile, of Barnard Castle, son of John Lonsdaile (sadler)

At least one clerk, especially in the 1740s, had a strange habit of omitting various letters – perhaps he had some sort of writing disability, or was very distracted. For example, he wrote “Cheebrough” instead of “Cheesbrough”, “Carkson” for “Clarkson”, “Fraces” for “Frances, and also some oddly-constructed names such as “Blaiblock” instead of “Blaiklok” or “Blaiklock”, and “Lynoell” and “Linoel” for “Lionel”. His spelling in various notes was atrocious, even for that time period.

The burials usually list the father of a deceased child or the husband of a deceased woman, and a few have the occupation (or father’s or husband’s occupation). Sample burials:

  • 1 Jan 1688 John Tinkler, of Barnard Castle, son of Guy Tinkler
  • 20 Nov 1689 George Rakestraw, of Stainton, son of ye late John Rakestraw
  • 13 Mar 1705 Jane Alburn, of Barnard Castle, daughter of Elizabeth Alburn (widow)
  • 17 Mar 1723 Mr. Thomas Atkinson, of Barnard Castle, Solicitor in Chancery
  • 3 May 1724 Mrs. Lucie Pudsey, of Barnard Castle, widow of Mr. Thomas Pudsey
  • 19 Nov 1742 Allice Newcomb, of Marwood, wife of Hugh Newcomb
  • 22 Jan 1759 Charles Flood, a soldjer in the First Ridgement of Body Gards and in Lord Viscount Leganears Ridgment of Foot
  • 18 Oct 1761 Mary Monkas, of Barnard Castle, daughter of John Monkas (barber)

There is one more register before this one, covering 1609-1687, which we will transcribe soon. It declares itself to be the 2nd register of this church, but it is the earliest surviving register. The original first register, covering the period before 1609, must have been lost or destroyed.