Brancepeth baptisms & burials 1813-1847

1,304 baptisms and 939 burials at Brancepeth St. Brandon in Durham district, spanning 1813-1847. We now have baptisms and burials in this parish from 1599 through 1847.

Residences mentioned besides Brancepeth include Bail Hill, Billy Hall, Billy Row, Boggle Hole, Boldon or Bowdon Close, Brancepeth Colliery, Brandon, Brawns Den, Butcher Race, Crook, Durham, East Brandon, East Parks, Goodwell Field, Haram or Hare Holme, Haslet House, Helmington Row, High Wooley, Hole in the Wall or Holywell, Ivesley, Job’s Hill, Langley, Langley Mill or Paper Mill, Lingey Close, Little White, Littleburn, Lowfield, Middles, Morley, Mown Meadows, Nackshivan, Oakenshaw, Page Bank, Park House, Pit House, Primrose Side, Roddymoor or Ruddy Moor, Scripton, Sleetburn (written as Sleekburn) and Sleetburn Mill, South Brandon, Stanley, Stockley and Stockley Fell, Stonechester, Sunny Brow, Tanners Hall, Tudhoe, Unthank, Waterhouses, Weather Hill, West Brandon, West Parks, Wheat Bottom (written as Wet Bottom), White Lee, Willington, Willington New Row, and Wooley Close.

Sample baptisms:

  • 18 Apr 1813 Benjamin Hewitt, of Hole in the Wall, child of John (farmer) & Isabella Hewitt
  • 18 May 1823 Matthew Meggison, of Stockley, illegitimate child of Hannah Meggison (spinster)
  • 23 May 1834 Elizabeth Booth, of Tudhoe, child of John (paper maker) & Jane Booth
  • 26 Dec 1847 Elizabeth Madgin, of Morley, child of William Madgin (woodman) & Frances Elizabeth Madgin

Sample burials:

  • 21 Jan 1815 Anthony Scorer, of Brancepeth, age: 97
  • 20 Jun 1821 Thomas Donaldson, of Collace in Perthshire, age: 29, killed at Sunderland Bridge by having thrown off the top of the mail coach.
  • 12 May 1839 Margaret Gent, of Durham, age: 100
  • 19 Dec 1847 William Madgin, of Morley, age: 84