New features: paging of My Orders and My Matches, more searches saved

We’ve made some site improvements and bug fixes:

  • Some customers who have purchased large numbers of records have mentioned that it can take a long time to display their My Orders and My Matches pages. To fix this, we added paging to those tables. The My Orders and My Matches pages will now display the same number of records as your Search Results page. (The default, if you’ve never changed this number, is 15; the maximum is 500 and you can change this number on your Preferences page). You can page through your orders or matches by clicking the page numbers displayed at the top and bottom of the table, or by clicking on the left-pointing and right-pointing arrows above and below the table – this works the same as the Search Results page. If you have purchased many records, it can still take awhile to do the initial gathering of them, so a message is now displayed at the beginning of these pages to warn you that the gathering of records might take a few minutes. After the initial gather, having these tables divided into pages speeds up the display considerably.
  • My Orders, My Matches, and My Hidden Records now tell you at the top of the page how many records are in that table.
  • If you review a record by clicking View from the My Orders or My Matches table, the return link below the record (e.g. Return to My Orders) will return you to the correct page in the table (where you clicked from).
  • Fixed a bug, where the Abode or Birthplace was not being displayed for multi-line records, such as monument inscriptions, in these tables.
  • Fixed a bug where the record type (e.g. Monuments) was not appearing in the Subject line of an email containing a multi-line record.
  • Changed the number of searches that will be saved from 100 to 200.
  • Changed the code that displays your search results to use the same paging code as My Orders and My Matches, so please let us know if we broke anything in the search results display.

We hope these improvements and fixes will make the site easier and more pleasurable to use.