Newcastle All Saints baptisms 1811-1812

920 baptisms at All Saints church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, covering 1811-1812, from a combination of the Bishop’s Transcript and the parish register. This completes the final gap we had in the the detail-rich period of 1798-1812 in this parish. These baptisms include the child’s birth date and birth order within the family, the birth places of both parents, the father’s occupation, the mother’s maiden surname, and her father’s name and occupation.

In the first baptism on each page, the clerk wrote “native” in the description of the father – e.g. “native of Whickham”. In the rest of the baptisms on the page, he took a shortcut and wrote just “of” – e.g. “of Whickham” – and he only ever wrote “of” for the mother (never “native of”). However, the instruction from the Bishop of Durham was to record the parents’ nativity, and after checking a number of these against earlier baptisms, we are sure the clerk was recording the birthplace of each parent. To attempt to clarify this, we have added “[native]” to the descriptions where it was not present. (If you don’t like the addition, you can always delete it from your text.)

We carefully compared each baptism in the original register to the Bishop’s Transcript, and found many significant differences – and in many cases, the BT version was the correct one or had more information than the original register, so those have been annotated.

Sample baptisms:

  • 1 Jan 1811 Barbara Lisle, born 5 Nov, 2nd daughter of Devergy Lisle (upholsterer, native of this parish) by his wife Elizabeth Cutter (daughter of Edward Cutter, shipwright, [native] of Wallsend)
  • 20 Jul 1811 Joseph Robson, born 31 Aug, 11th son of Joseph Robson (tilemaker, [native] of Corbridge) by his wife Ann Wedgewood (daughter of Aaron Wedgewood, potter, [native] of Wales)
  • 22 Mar 1812 Edward Lamb, born 3 Mar, 3rd son of Edward [John] Lamb (pitman, [native] of Tynemouth) by his wife Elizabeth Spencer (daughter of Edward Spencer, waterman, [native] of same place)
    [Note: the Bishop’s Transcript calls the father John, which appears to be correct per other baptisms with this mother.]
  • 25 Oct 1812 Barbara Atkin Stoker, born 1 Jun, illegitimate daughter of John Stoker (gamekeeper) by Hannah Maxwell (singlewoman)
    [Note: “gamekeeper” is only in the Bishop’s Transcript, not in the original register.]

Remember, in the description of a mother, even though it sounds like “native” refers to the mother’s father, it really refers to the  mother. We wish this was worded differently in the registers!

Many County Durham residents repeatedly moved back and forth across the River Tyne between Gateshead and Newcastle, following the available work, so you will find many of the same families that are also found in Gateshead, Hebburn, Jarrow, Heworth, and other border communities along the Tyne.