Dunston St. Philip Neri Roman Catholic baptisms 1882-1894, burials 1882-1896, marriages 1884-1900

Our first offering from St. Philip Neri Roman Catholic Church in Dunston, Gateshead district:

  • 761 baptisms covering 1882-1894
  • 224 burials from January 1882 to March 1896
  • 135 marriages covering 1884-1900

The records are in Latin. Most of these baptisms have the child’s birth date, the mother’s maiden name, and one or more sponsors or godparents. Some have information about the baptizee’s later marriage and/or confirmation.

  • 15 Jul 1894 Terrentius McMannus, born 22 Jun 1894, son of Joannis McMannus & Dorothea olim Porthouse, confirmed in St Joseph’s at Birtley 16 May 1920. Married Winifrida Mellon at Birtley St Joseph’s 10 Nov 1919.
    Godparents or Sponsors: Patricius Molloy; Rosa Anna McManus

There is significant variation in some of the surnames within a single family:

  • 4 May 1884 Eduardus Moody [Mooney], born 27 Mar 1884, son of Johannis Moody [Mooney] & Catharina olim Hannan
    Godparents or Sponsors: Edwardus Hannan; Elizabeth Hannan
    [Note: the margin says “Moody or Mooney”. The GRO birth index says Mooney. This mother’s surname is Herron in the GRO birth index and in other baptisms to these parents.]

Abodes are given for most baptisms from the beginning of 1885 to the end of 1888:

  • 2 Sep 1888 Elizabetha Campbell, of 30 Walker Street, born 2 Aug 1888, daughter of Joannis Campbell & Margarita olim Riley, married Gulielmo Pomeroy 18 Sep 1914
    Godparents or Sponsors: Alexander McAllister; Anna Campbell

Burials are terse (typical of this period). Since this church did not have a burial ground, the funeral service was held at the church and interment took place at a nearby cemetery, whose name is included in most of these records:

  • 9 Nov 1882 Rebecca O’Brien, of 27 Carnabie Terrace, age: 35, died 5 Nov, buried at the Catholic Cemetery, Gateshead, having received last rites
  • 12 Nov 1894 Francesca Shillitoe, of Dunston, age: 50, died 10 Nov, buried at the Anglican Cemetery, Dunston, died suddenly [no last rites]
  • 19 Sep 1895 Edvardus Connor, of Teams, age: 34, died 16 Sep, buried at the Cemetery at Gateshead, having received last rites

These marriages do not list occupations or ages, but they do provide a parent for each party in the marriage, and sometimes a former spouse or a father’s abode:

  • 31 Oct 1885 Jacobum MacAllister (of Gateshead, son of Jacobi MacAllister) married Elizabetham MacKeown (relictam Davidis McKeown, of Gateshead, daughter of Gulielmi Mullender)
    Witnesses: Margaret McQuillan; Michael Hart
  • 28 Feb 1886 Johannam Croney (of Newcastle, son of Jacobi Croney) married Saram Moore (of Redhaugh, daughter of Jacobi Moore, of Byker)
    Witnesses: John Hart; Isabella Claugh