Marriages post-1837 at Elton, Escomb, Etherley, Gainford, Gateshead, Gateshead Fell, Great Stainton, and Grindon

We’ve been working on extending our marriage collection at each Anglican church from mid-1837 (where civil registration began and many of our transcripts currently stop) to the end of 1841 or later, depending on parish size and time available. These marriages are the same as a civil marriage record, with ages (or at least “of full age” or “minor”), fathers, occupations, marital statuses, and witnesses.

We are tackling the churches in alphabetical order. In this set we have 942 marriages:

  • Elton St. John: 1839-1861 (17 marriages)
  • Escomb St. John: 1837-1841 (11 marriages)
  • Etherley St. Cuthbert: 1837-1841 (16 marriages)
  • Gainford St. Mary: 1837-1841 (91 marriages)
  • Gateshead St. Mary: 1837-1841 (581 marriages)
  • Gateshead Fell St. John: 1837-1841 (181 marriages)
  • Great Stainton All Saints: 1837-1862 (15 marriages)
  • Grindon St. James: 1837-1851 (30 marriages)


  • At Gateshead Fell: 3 Jul 1837 James Weightman (widower, publican, age 70, of Killingworth, Parish of Long Benton, son of Henry Weightman, husbandman) married Mary Crone (widow, dressmaker, age 43, of Low Fell, Gateshead, daughter of John Thompson, collier)
    Witnesses: Robert Hetherington; Cuth’t Young
  • At Gateshead St. Mary: 18 Mar 1840 Lionel Appleby (bachelor, house carpenter, full age, of Hillgate, son of George Appleby, agent) married Maria Stubs (spinster, full age, of Hillgate, daughter of Robert Stubs, farmer)
    Witnesses: Matthew Coatsworth; Elizabeth A. Lowson
  • At Elton: 23 Nov 1854 James Hops (bachelor, labourer, age 21, of Elton, son of John Hops, labourer) married Ann Cruddas (spinster, age 18, of Elton, daughter of Robert Cruddas, labourer)
    Witnesses: William Mohun Elcoate; Ann Almond