Norton baptisms & burials 1701-1761, marriages & banns 1701-1812

Filling gaps at Norton St. Mary in Stockton district:

  • 1,297 baptisms covering 1701-1761
  • 733 marriages and 97 banns called here but not married here, covering 1701-1812
  • 1,382 burials covering 1701-1761

We now have all the baptisms here from 1574 to 1846, burials 1574-1911, and marriages 1574 to June 1837 inclusive.

During the 1701-1713 period, there are two overlapping registers. The first Norton register runs from 1574 to March 1713, and the second runs from March 1700 to 1818, so in this data set, we have 2 versions of every event from 1701 to early 1713. Sometimes there is more or less or different information in each register, so we have combined and annotated where the information differs.


Most of these baptisms give only the names of the child and father. Occasionally, a mother or abode or occupation is shown.

  • 1 Jun 1701 John & Henry Frissel, children of Henry & Eliz. Frissel, vagrants
    [Note: there are 2 overlapping registers for this period. The mother is named only in the first register.]
  • 12 Apr 1726 Margaret Unthank, daughter of William Unthank
  • 31 Mar 1751 Jane Pattison, of Blakiston Mill, daughter of Thomas Pattison
  • 5 Apr 1761 Martha [Barr/Robinson], spura [illegitimate] daughter of Mathew Barr & Mary Robinson

Marriages & Banns

Before 1754, the marriages generally consist of only the date and the names of the bride and groom. Occasionally a different parish is mentioned, or an occupation or marital status. Samples:

  • 8 May 1705 William Bedson [Benson] married Jane Simpson
    [Note: there are 2 overlapping registers for this period, with differing spellings for some names. Both are shown here.]
  • 12 May 1720 Thomas Todhunter married Margaret Crow
  • 30 Jan 1732 John Catcheside married Rebecca Humble
  • 6 Apr 1749 William Smeaton (of Hanover Square in the parish of St. George, London) married Anne Tweedale (of this parish)
  • 27 Oct 1761 Richard Willson married Jane Parkinson, both of this parish, by banns
    Witnesses: Robart Richardson; John Burdon
    [Note: their banns were published in June 1759]
  • 1 Dec 1766 Thomas Mensforth (of the parish of Hart) married Elizabeth Arrowsmith (of this parish), by banns
    Witnesses: Dennis Mensforth; Thomas Arrowsmith

Like the overlapping registers for 1701-1713, there are 2 marriage registers from June 1754 to the end of this data set: the original register, and an extract of it that we are calling the “summary register”, as it provides only the date and names of the bride and groom. The original register for this period shows marriages and the publication of banns, all in one book, recorded in the order they occurred. The marriages have witnesses, abodes for the bride and groom, and sometimes their marital statuses or the groom’s occupation. Usually banns are followed by a marriage, but often there is just the banns, and there are also marriages by licence, which have no corresponding banns.

The summary register occasionally provides additional information, such as a title or a parent or an occupation, which is not in the original register, and sometimes a name or other detail is different than in the original register. In those cases, we have combined the information from the 2 registers into one record and annotated it accordingly. For example:

  • 11 Jun 1763 William Smith (age 63, of this parish) married Cathrine Winter (age 25, of the parish of Stockton), by licence
    Witnesses: Thos. Dumble; John Burdon
    [Note: the ages are found only in the summary register, not in the original banns/marriage register.]

For banns, we transcribe only those that were not followed by a marriage at this church. Usually, that means the parties were from different parishes and they married in the parish of the party who was not from Norton. Sometimes there is no record of a marriage elsewhere, either because the couple decided not to marry after all, or they thought the final banns publication meant they were married and never followed up with a marriage ceremony, or they married elsewhere and the records for that parish were damaged or destroyed, making the marriage impossible to locate today. Sometimes the publication of banns is the only evidence of a marriage. Some of the banns publications in the 1750s have witnesses, which is unusual:

  • 28 Dec 1755 John Lamb (of this parish) & Lucy Eden (of the parish of Billingham)
    Witnesses: Robert Clowson; Richard Stelling
    [Note: not married here; date is last publication of banns.]

Burial Samples

  • 23 Jul 1703 Catherine Hewitt, of Stockton, wife of Mr. Richard Hewitt
    [Note: there are 2 overlapping registers for this period, sometimes with differing information. The husband’s name (Richard) is only in the 2nd register.]
  • 27 Jun 1722 Miriam Buttery, daughter of Thomas Buttery
  • 2 May 1731 Mary Carter, wife of Christopher Carter
  • 19 Oct 1746 Frances Wrench, in the hundred and tenth year of her age
  • 15 Mar 1761 Mr. Francis Kitching, he was drow’d in the River Tees near Newport February the 8th, 1761

The few residences mentioned include Bililngham, Blakiston and Blakiston Mill, Cowpen, Preston, Stockton, Thorp, and Wolviston.