Ovingham baptisms & burials 1750-1761

763 baptisms and 434 burials covering 1750-1761 at Ovingham St. Mary the Virgin in the Hexham district of Northumberland, extending this parish’s collection backward in time.

Abodes mentioned besides Ovingham include Broad Oak, Cherryburn, Dukes Hagg, Edgewell, Eltringham, Hallyards, Harlah or Harlow Hill, Hedley, Hedley Fell, Hedley Wood, Hollands, Horsley, Ion’s Wood, Laiker Hall, Mickley, Nafferton, Ovington, Pruddoe, Pruddoe Castle, Rouchester, Weldon or Welton, Whittle, Woodheads, Wylam, Wylam March, Wylam Newrift, and Wylam Wood.

Sample baptisms:

  • 19 Jan 1750 Ann Slater, of Wylam Newrift, daughter of George & Ann Slater
  • 25 Mar 1753 John [Forster/Clarke], son of Ralph Forster (of Killingworth, parish of Long Benton) & Martha Clarke (of Pruddoe in this parish)
  • 25 Dec 1761 Robert Castlow, of Wylam March, son of John & Isable Castlow

Sample burials – only one gave an age, but most had a relationship or description:

  • 20 Jan 1756 Isable Simpson, of Ovington, age: 109, widow
  • 10 Jan 1750 Ann Armour, of Pruddoe, daughter of Nicholas & Ann Armour
  • 8 Aug 1756 Sarah Newton, of Ovingham Burn Miln, wife of James Newton
  • 12 Mar 1761 Joseph Hyslope, of Wylam, pitman, he was shot at Hexham among the rioters