Dalton-le-Dale marriages & banns 1654-1812

343 marriages at Dalton-le-Dale St. Andrew in Easington district, from the beginning of the first register in 1654 to the end of 1812, plus 27 banns publications for 1754-1812. We now have all the marriages and “banns called but not married here” at this church from 1654 to the end of 1966.

There are no marriages recorded from June 1657 to Nov 1665 and Nov 1681 to Feb 1685, and quite a few single-year gaps, probably because this was not a large parish. There were many years with only a few marriages. Abodes mentioned besides Dalton (aka Daldon in this register) include Bishop Wearmouth, Cold Hesleden aka just Hesleden, Easington, Hawthorne, Hetton-le-Hole, Houghton-le-Spring, Murton (aka Moorton or Morton in this register), Pittington, Ryhope, Seaham, Shadforth, and Sunderland.

Most of these marriages list the abode of both parties. After 1768, most show marital status, but little other information (only a few fathers are listed, and 2 brides are declared to be minors). Samples:

  • 7 Dec 1654 Nicholas Denton married Isabell Jackson, both of the towne and parish of Dalton, married before Tho. Dallivall Esquire, of Hetton, one of the Justices of the Peace for this Countie
  • 25 Nov 1738 Goodchild Wilkinson (of Barnston [Barmston] in ye parish of Washington) married Mary Watson (widow, of Dalton)
  • 29 May 1781 Peter Wood (batchelor, of Hawthorn in the parish of Easington) married Barbara Blakiston (minor, spinster, of Cold Haselden in this parish), by licence with consent of the parents of the said Barbara Blakiston
    Witnesses: William Hutchinson; John Wood
  • 1 May 1804 George Storey (widower) married Elizabeth Doxford (widow), both of this parish, by licence
    Witnesses: Frances Lackenby; William Lowdon

Sample banns:

  • 3 May 1762 Philip Lovet (of this parish) & Dorothy Brough (of the parish of Whitburn), banns read April 18th, 25th & May 3rd