Hartlepool St. Hilda Roman Catholic baptisms 1834-1840

91 baptisms at Hartlepool St. Hilda Roman Catholic church, from Jan 1834 to Oct 1840. After that date, the congregation re-dedicated their chapel to St. Mary, probably to avoid confusion with the established Anglican church of St. Hilda. (Baptisms at St. Mary will follow in the next few days.)

This register is in Latin and we have left the names untranslated (but a search for the English version will find them). Nearly all include the mother’s maiden surname and 2 godparents or sponsors. Sample baptism:

  • 4 May 1834 Maria Drury, born 1 May 1834, daughter of Simonis Drury by his wife Anna olim Cain
    Godparents or Sponsors: Jacobus Maguire; Francisca Collins