Hartlepool St. Mary Roman Catholic baptisms 1840-1853

566 baptisms at Hartlepool St. Mary Roman Catholic church, from the start of the first register in 1840 to the end of 1853. This is the same congregation that previously worshipped at St. Hilda RC church, so you will find many of those same families in this register.

This register is not in Latin. It is a pre-printed baptism register, similar to an Anglican register. It does not specify the child’s gender, and does not include the abode or the father’s occupation, or whether a child was illegitimate or not. It does include the mother’s maiden surname and the child’s birth date and 2 sponsors or godparents.

There was quite a lot of variation in the spellings of names – the following sets were each from a single family: Branny/Bronough/Branaff, Kilcade/Kincade, Campbell/Cameron, Goggins/Coghans, McVady/McVardy/McAvady, Dunwell/Dunlop, Halfpenny/Halpin/Appeny. We have annotated and cross-indexed many of these differences.

Sample baptisms – in the first one, there’s a bit of a mystery about the mother’s maiden surname:

  • 28 Feb 1841 Isaac Milner, born 21 Feb 1841, child of Thos. Milner & Cath. Rymer
    Godparents or Sponsors: Rich. Dennis; Chris. Goulding
    [Note: this mother’s maiden surname alternates between Rowntree and Rymer in other baptisms with this father.]
  • 11 Jul 1848 James Hall, born 9 Jul 1848, child of Robert Hall & Eliz. Pounder
    Godparents or Sponsors: James Pounder; Apolonia Stourton
  • 30 Oct 1853 Sarah Helen Gilmore [Garthwaite], born 13 Aug 1853, child of James Gilmore & Ann Gafwarte [Garthwaite]
    Godparents or Sponsors: John Riley; Susan Riley
    [Note: the civil birth index shows this child as Sarah Ellen Garthwaite.]

We do not think the records of this parish are available anywhere else online, so this data set may yield some useful discoveries for some of you.