Hurworth baptisms & burials 1701-1769

1,063 baptisms and 942 burials at Hurworth All Saints in Darlington district, filling a gap we had from 1701 to 1769 inclusive. We now have all the baptisms at this church for 1559-1885, all the burials for 1559 to August 1885, and we already had all the marriages for 1559-1837.

There are no baptisms recorded from Feb 1718 to Aug 1719, when a new register begins. Between Sep 1717 and Feb 1720, there are only 2 burials recorded, both in Aug 1719, which suggests that the register was neglected for a couple of years, perhaps because they didn’t have a new register book.

The registers are in Latin until late 1733. The baptisms are very terse, with very few abodes or other information except names, but at least the mothers are included, which is not always true of baptisms in this period. The burials are more helpful since they usually include the parents or father of a deceased child and the spouse of a deceased woman.

Sample baptisms:

  • 6 Apr 1701 Carolus Willy, filius [son] of Georgii & Margaretae Willy
  • 24 Jun 1732 Thomas [Stokehill/Golesbrough], filius spurius [illegitimate son] of Thomae Golesbrough & Annae Stokehill
  • 29 Jul 1739 Elizabeth Reed, of Neesham, daughter of Ralph & Ann Reed
  • 10 Sep 1769 Jane & Margaret Greathead, twin daughters of Jacob & Elizabeth Greathead

Sample burials:

  • 9 Mar 1707 Dorothea Gedling, primo vidua of Roberti Gedling, secundo vidua Humphredi Stedman
  • 29 Jan 1728 Jana [Stainforth/Linskill], spurius filia [illegitimate daughter] of Stephani Stainforth & Janae Linskill
  • 24 May 1743 Hellen Lunn, wife of Samuel Lunn
  • 5 Jun 1752 John Wheat, son of Leonard & Elizabeth Wheat
  • 20 Jul 1768 Sarah Bramwell, daughter of George Bramwell (clerk)

This is one of the only 2 burials with an age stated, and it’s an impressively high age:

  • 24 Apr 1725 Thomison Frear, etatis sue cent. et oct. aut circiter [aged about 108]