Kelloe marriages 1693-1762

357 marriages at Kelloe St. Helen in Easington district, from the beginning of the first register in 1694 to Feb 1762. We now have all the marriages at this church from 1694 to 1858. There are no marriages recorded from May 1736 to Jan 1738. There were no “banns called here but not married here” in the banns register for this period (1754-1762).

Abodes mentioned besides Kelloe include Bishop Middleham, Chester-le-Street, Easington, Garmonsway, Houghton-le-Spring, Monk Hesleden, Trimdon, and Wingate. Abodes are provided for most marriages, except for a disturbing stretch from 1706 to 1733 where only a few marriages list abodes. Occupations of the grooms are given from late 1700 to mid-1704. Witnesses start in mid-1754, as usual.

Sample marriages:

  • 11 May 1693 Stephen Arrowsmith (of ye parish of Elwick) married Anne Wilson (of this parish)
  • 1 Nov 1701 John Grindwell (day labourer, Roman Cath., of this parish) married Elizabeth Tailor
  • 28 Apr 1725 Jon Batmunson married Ann Tate
  • 12 Jan 1755 Robert Emerson (batchelor) married Frances Younger (spinster), both of this parish, by banns, with the consent of the mother of the said Frances, she being a minor
    Witnesses: Samuel Thwayts; George Forster; John Atkinson