Auckland St. Andrew baptisms & burials 1743-1764, marriages & banns 1754-1764

At Auckland St. Andrew in Auckland district:

  • 2,402 baptisms and 2,120 burials covering 1743-1764
  • 300 marriages and 72 “banns called but not married here” covering 1754-1764

Mothers (other than single mothers) start appearing with the fathers in baptisms in May 1759 and are listed in maybe half of the baptisms after that. Occasionally the father’s occupation is given. Sample baptisms:

  • 16 Jan 1743 Mary Hutchinson, of Byers Green, daughter of Christopher Hutchinson (deceased)
  • 13 Mar 1743 Joice Sedgwick, of Midridge, daughter of Margaret Sedgwick, illegitimate
  • 21 Oct 1751 Enoch White, of Bishop Auckland, son of Cornelius White, being an adult of 18 years of age
  • 20 May 1759 Mary Davie, of Jocks Row, daughter of William & Christian Davie
  • 21 Aug 1761 John Turnbull, of Bishop Auckland, son of Benjamin Turnbull (apothecary)
  • 9 Dec 1764 Catherine Lax, of Midridge, daughter of Thomas & Margaret Lax

Although the child’s birth order is not usually noted in this period, apparently the priest or clerk felt this one was worth mentioning:

  • 21 Feb 1762 Benjamin Brown, of St. Andrew, Auckland, ye 20th child of John & Anne Brown

In the burials, as in the baptisms, after May 1759, both parents are mentioned for many children (before that, just the father or the unwed mother is named). Husbands’ names are usually given, occasionally an occupation is listed, and 2 burials give ages. Sample burials:

  • 30 Mar 1743 Anne Vasey, of Bishop Auckland, wife of John Vasey
  • 30 Dec 1745 George Wellfoot, of Bishop Auckland, son of George Wellfoot (deceased)
  • 23 Jul 1749 Margaret Trimnel, of Hunwick, wife of Valentine Trimnel
  • 16 Jan 1754 Eleonor Proctor, of Bishop Auckland, widow of Jacob Proctor
  • 16 Mar 1757 Mary Cameron, daughter of Matthew Cameron (itinerant)
  • 24 Oct 1761 Michael Bainbridge, of Bishop Auckland, son of Francis & Dorothy Bainbridge
  • 19 Jun 1762 Jane Todd, of Byers Green, age: 107
  • 9 Apr 1763 Frances Apedale, of Bishop Auckland, daughter of William Apedale (flaxdresser)

Sample marriage and banns:

  • 8 May 1754 Thomas Kilburn (of the parish of Witton-le-Wear) married Margt. Cawert (of this parish), by banns
    Witnesses: George Kilburn; Thomas Caweart
  • Banns: 26 Nov 1758 George Pallister (of the parish of Aycliff) & Jane Stoddard (of this parish), banns called 17 Sep, 1 Oct, 26 Nov
    [Note: not married here.]