Easington St. Mary baptisms 1701-1768, marriages 1701-1797, banns 1701-1812

We have filled some gaps at Easington St. Mary the Virgin (in Easington district) that we have long wanted to fill:

  • 2,003 baptisms covering 1701-1768. We now have a continuous run of baptisms here from 1571 to 1952.
  • 672 marriages covering 1701-1797. We now have a continuous run of marriages here from 1570 to 1948.
  • 75 records of “banns called here but not married here” covering 1701-1812.

Abodes mentioned in the baptisms besides Easington include Beacon, Beggars Bush, Black Hills, Coop House, Easington Lee, Easington Mill, Eatherdakers (also called Edderacres, Ether Dacres, Etheracres), Eden (which might mean Castle Eden), Ellimoor Grange, Fallowfield, Fleemin Field or Fleming Field, Haswell, Haswell Moor, Hawthorn(e), Hawthorn(e) Hive, Horden, Howledge or Howletch, Little Thorp, Low Hills, Oakside, Pespool, Shotton, Shotton Moor, Teat Hill, Tenless, Thorp(e), and Thorp(e) Moor.

In these baptisms, the father’s occupation is given in most baptisms from 1701 through 1706, then only in a handful through 1713, and almost none after that. Mothers are listed in nearly all of these. Samples:

  • 7 Mar 1701 Isabell Culley, of Easington, child of John (lame fidler) & Alice Culley
  • 21 Oct 1707 Robert Leightfoot, of Easington, child of Robert (butcher) & Ann Leightfoot
  • 11 Apr 1725 Joseph Farbrick, of Shotton, child of Joseph & Isabell Farbrick
  • 17 Dec 1747 Cuthbert Mowry, of Pespool, child of Robert & Mary Mowry
  • 3 Aug 1768 Ann [Pallot/Ghent], illegitimate daughter of Matthew Pallot (of Seaham) & Elizabeth Ghent (of Shotton)

Sample marriages – witnesses start in mid-1754, as usual:

  • 1 May 1701 Thomas Archer (labourer, of ye parish of Seaham) married Ellin’r Stern (of Hawthorn in this parish)
  • 25 Jan 1722 Wm. Burrell (of Har in poole [Hartlepool]) married Margaret Law (of this parish)
  • 3 Jun 1755 John Lyster married Hannah Maugham, both of this parish by banns
    Witnesses: Ralph Ferry; Eliz. Maugham
  • 8 Dec 1774 Alexander Hall (of the parish of Stockton) married Sarah Gilley (of this parish), by banns
    Witnesses: George Baxter; Thomas Gilley
  • 18 May 1797 John Galley (bachelor, of Cocksgreen in the chapelry of Pencher) married Ann Curry (spinster, of this parish), by banns
    Witnesses: Ralph Curry; Wm. Pearson
    [Note: The marriage says John Galley of the chapelry of Pencher, but the banns state he is of Cocksgreen in the chapelry of Painshaw.]


  • 4 Mar 1764 Stephen Craggs (of this parish) & Ann Coultman (of the parish of Sedgefield), banns read February 19th, 26th & March 4th
    [Note: not married here.]

For your entertainment:

  • 6 Feb 1748 Ra. [Ralph] Ferry married Abigail Brandling (of this parish)
    [Note: Two bits of history regarding this couple: First, from the Newcastle Courant, January 30th 1693/94 – “Mr. Francis Brandling & Miss Abigail Wilkinson, both of Newcastle, married – Bp. Wearmouth Registers”. Second, from the Courant, February 13th 1748/49: “We hear from Easington, that, after eight months deliberation, the Treaty of Marriage betwixt Mr. Ralph Ferry, aged 90, and Mrs. Brandling, of the same place and age, was happily consummated, and the settlement for the issue of this marriage amicably adjusted, after having twice been at Church in that time and return’d without compleating the ceremony, on account of some lesser incidents occurring not properly fix’d for their former or future offspring, but at last settled to entire satisfaction.”]

Given their ages, we assume they were more concerned about “former offspring” than “future offspring” !!!

[Updated 25 Feb 2020 from research by Paul Wilson: “Evidence suggests that Ralph Ferry and Abigail Brandling were not actually 90 years old when they married as the Courant suggested. Ralph’s 1764 burial record says he was 91 when he died, which corresponds to his baptism as the son of Raiph Ferry of Kirk Merrington, on 15 June 1673. So he’d have been only 74 when he married Abigail in 1748/9. He’d been married twice before Abigail – firstly to Margaret Reah (1678-1704), with whom he had son John, then to Elizabeth Paxton in Feb 1711, with whom he had two daughters. Abigail, daughter of Robert and Margaret Wilkinson, was baptised at St Nicholas’s, Newcastle, in Jan 1668/9. She was actually a sprightly 79 when she married Ralph in Feb 1748/9. Her first husband was probably the Francis Brandling baptised at Bamburgh in Aug 1658, who would have been 89 or 90 when he died in 1747 – which might explain why the newspaper thought Abigail and Ralph were also 90.”]