Newcastle St. Nicholas baptisms & burials 1762-1797

From the Church of St. Nicholas in Newcastle-upon-Tyne:

  • 3,355 baptisms and 3,471 burials covering 1762-1797
  • 132 registrations of the births of dissenters from 1750 to 1837 (from 2 lists found at the end of the 1756-1791 and 1791-1812 registers). Most of these people had not been baptized in the Church, but some had baptism dates that were years after their births. They were often entered in family groups, as the parents registered all of their children at once, sometimes many years after they were born.

These are from a combination of the parish registers and the Bishop’s Transcripts, for maximum detail. Nearly all the baptisms give the father’s occupation, which wasn’t common in many other parishes. This register starts showing the mother’s maiden surname in baptisms as early as March 1794, which is interesting because that was not required until late 1797. Some of the┬ádissenters’ birth registrations give the mother’s maiden surname and sometimes even her father’s name, which is very unusual.

Sample baptisms:

  • 6 Jan 1762 John Fell, son of Christopher Fell (flax dresser) & Jane (his wife)
  • 10 Feb 1771 Ann Greenwell, daughter of Thomas Greenwell (tallow chandler) & Ann (his wife)
  • 10 Mar 1782 George Adamson Mackey, son of John Mackey (stay maker) & Isabel (his wife)
  • 22 May 1791 William [Yardley/Bruce], supposed son of William Yardley (potter) & Sarah Bruce
  • 6 Apr 1794 Isabella Storey, daughter of William Storey (barber-surgeon) & Isabella formerly Smeaton (his wife)
  • 5 Nov 1797 William Lumsdon, born 12-Oct 1797, 2nd son of James Lumsdon (blacksmith, native of Kirkwhelpington, son of John Lumsdon) by his wife Thomasine Usher (native of the parish of Brancepeth in the county of Durham, daughter of Thomas Usher)

and 2 birth registrations of dissenters:

  • John Davidson, born 18 Jul 1750, son of Thos. Davidson (attorney at law) & Eleanor (his wife, one of the daughters of John Lowes, late of Ridley Hall in the Parish of Haltwhistle and County of Northumberland, gentleman, deceased), entered [with 5 siblings] on 6 Nov 1761 at the request of Thos. Davidson [the father], late an inhabitant of the Chapelry of All Saints in this Town, but now in this Parish
    [Note: this is on a list of births of dissenters at the end of the 1756-1791 baptism register.]
  • Frederick Patterson McKenzie, born 15 Jun 1814, son of the aforesaid Eneas McKenzie (printer) & Elizabeth late Patterson
    [Note: this is entered, with 3 siblings, on a list titled “Births of persons who have not been Baptized in the Church”, at the end of the 1791-1812 baptism register. The mother’s maiden surname and father’s occupation are taken from the first baptism in the group.]

Sample burials:

  • 1 Mar 1762 Isable Coats, widdow of Joseph Coats (tinplate worker)
  • 19 Nov 1773 Thomas Blenkinsop, son of Charles Blenkinsop (glassmaker)
  • 28 Dec 1781 Elizabeth Meggison, wife of George Meggison (butcher)
  • 22 Jan 1791 Samuel Alcock, innkeeper

and starting in Oct 1797, lots of useful detail:

  • 3 Dec 1797 Mary Shiner late Gray heretofore Alexander, of the Close, age: 42, wife of Christopher David Shiner (innkeeper & a glasscutter), died 1 Dec, ruptured blood vessel
  • 27 Dec 1797 Richard Dobson, of Westgate Street in St. John of this Town, age: 31, attorney at law, son of Michael Dobson (gentleman) & Margaret his wife, formerly Harrison, died 25 Dec, pulmonary complaint

Here’s the burial from a tragedy that is famous locally and in ballooning lore:

  • 21 Sep 1786 Ralph Heron, son of Ralph Heron (attorney at law), this amiable young gentleman and several others were assisting Mr. Lunardi in filling a balloon in the Spitall; on the Gass issuing through the plaform, they were alarm’d, and without his knowledge, let the balloon go. He unfortunately had the cord which opened the valve tied round his arm and was in an instant carried up into the air many feet, higher than the spire of St. Nicholas Church, fell upon his feet into Lord Mount Stewart’s garden & died about two hours after.

We intend to transcribe the extremely detailed baptisms and burials for 1798-1812 in the next few months, and also to extend this parish’s transcriptions back into the 1750s.