Netherwitton baptisms & burials 1696-1794, marriages 1706-1794, banns 1754-1794

At Netherwitton St. Giles in Morpeth district, from the beginning of the first register:

  • 1,416 baptisms spanning 1696-1794, including 100 births from the dissenters’ register for 1750-1794
  • 1,050 burials spanning 1696-1794, including 13 burials from the dissenters’ register for 1769-1778
  • 295 marriages spanning 1706-1794 and 31 “banns called but not married here” for 1754-1794

Abodes mentioned besides Netherwitton include Bellion, Birkheads or Brickheads, Boghall, Buckshaw, Clough Pitts, Coalhouses, Coatyards, Coldrife, Colt Park, Combhill, Divels, Doehill, Ewesley (a.k.a. Eusly or Ously or Usley) Folly House, Font Green, Gallowshaw, Garleside, Greenlapick or Greenlaw Pike, Healey and Healey Mill, Houndhugh or Hunshaugh, Keyhirst, Long Lee, Lanshaws or Longshaws, Longwitton Cleugh, Moor House, Nunnykirk, Old Park, Park Head or Parkhead, Park Wall or Parkwall, Reaburn, Ritton, Ritton White House, Roughlees or Rufflees, Shelley, Stanton and Stanton Hall, and Witton Shields.

There are no burials between 27 Aug 1706 and 17 Jan 1711 and no baptisms from May 1719 to Oct 1724. It looks like those pages are missing from the register.

Sample baptisms – mothers are named starting in 1749 and occasionally before that:

  • 5 Jul 1696 Isbell Bourne, of Hely, daughter of Thomas & Ann Bourne
  • 13 Mar 1718 Anne Hoye, of Landshamil [Lanshaw or Longshaws Mill], daughter of George Hoye
  • 13 May 1739 Margret Pye, of Healy Mill, daughter of Thomas Pye
  • 15 May 1753 William Fenwick, of Nunnykirk, son of John & Dorothy Fenwick
  • 21 Dec 1775 Joseph Johnson, of Stanton Hall, son of the Revd Henry & Margaret Johnson
  • 19 Jan 1794 Robert [Crosby/Gilfellon], of Parkhead, natural son of William Crosby & Mary Gilfellon
  • 1754 Luke Williamson, of Netherwitton, born 29 Oct 1754, son of George & Catherine Williamson
    [Note: this is from the register of births of dissenters, entered in a block with siblings whose births range over a number of years.]

Sample burials – atypically, many childrens’ burials contain the names of both parents, especially after 1749:

  • 13 Apr 1696 Cathrine Bourne, of Hely [Healey], daughter of Thomas & Ann Bourne
  • 11 Oct 1728 Mary Pridlick, of Netherwitton, daughter of William Pridlick
  • 23 May 1749 Edward Widdrington, of Colt Park, Esq’re
  • 3 Dec 1771 Mary Thornton, of Nunnikirk, wife of Luke Thornton
  • 9 Nov 1780 Cathrine Ferguson, a poor travelling woman who perished in a storm of snow
  • 29 Sep 1781 Margaret [Charlton/Thompson], of Roughleys, illegitimate daughter of Christopher Charlton & Mary Thompson
  • 10 Mar 1793 William Charlton, of Gallow shaw, age: 106

Sample marriages – some of the earlier ones are just names & dates, but many after 1710 have abodes, and witnesses start in 1754:

  • 30 May 1706 John Storrow married Margaret Shotton
  • 9 Jun 1713 Michael Burlyson married Elenar Moor (of Heaslly hirst)
  • 6 May 1730 John Shafto (of the parish of Hearthburn) married Mary English (of the chapelry of Netherwitton)
  • 8 Jan 1756 James Morrah married Margaret Cockburn, both of this chapelry, by banns
    Witnesses: John Cockburn; George Hall
  • 15 Sep 1789 Thomas Casely (of the parish of Long Horsley) married Martha Aynsley (of this chapelry), by banns
    Witnesses: Edward Aynsley; Andrew Gilfellen

Sample banns:

  • 8 Jun 1777 Robert Waller (of this chapelry) & Barbara Wilson (of the parish of Longhorsley)
    [Note: not married here; date is date of last banns publication.]

This register contained a lot of church business, some of which was interesting enough to share here. A memo dated 1 Apr 1700 listed these men as churchwardens and part of the “four and twenty” of Netherwitton:
Laton Eden, Vicar
Thomas Gibson, Curate
James Fenwicke
Robert Hedley
Arthur Wigham
James Pott
John English
Robert Currey
John Dixon
James Pearson
Robert Robson
Lionel Winshipp
Thomas Coxon
Thomas Lighton
John Joyse
William Joyse
Nicholas Joyse
John Nicholson
Thomas Pott

Some rules of the day were stated: The men above are bound to maintain the church and be taxed for its maintenance. Vagrants are to be removed from the chapelry by a constable. Anyone harboring a stranger does so at their own cost so the parish is not responsible for their maintenance. Begging by the poor is not allowed unless you have a certificate from the Curate, churchwardens, or overseers of the poor.

A child-support agreement: 15 Apr 1723 William Dobson promised “that ye present child, if born alive (now in the body of Mary Todd of Netherwitton), be taken care of and maintained, nursed, brought up without any charge or detriment to the parish of Netherwitton”. Witnesses: Thos. Bourne, Curate; John Trotter; William Currey

In 1726, money was disbursed to the following “poor pensioners”: Edward Towers, Gilbert Hunter, Gs. Brown, widow Foggen

Here is an April 1727 list of people who contributed to the Curate’s (Thomas Stockdale) salary, divided into “farmers” and “not farmers” and listed by location, serving as a sort of mini-census:

Not farmers

Birkheads: John Lough, Joseph Hutchison, Rodger Burlison, Michael Burlison, Richard Waler, Robert Morrow
Coltpark: Thomas Forster
Ritton: James Stevenson, John Steward
Whitehouse: Charles Kerr
Roughlees: Lues [Lewis] Wintrip
Useley [Ewesley]: James Wilson, John Brackus, Robert Hebron, Mark Poter
Comb hill: Thomas Lyhton
Healy: John Cutter, Henry Turner, William Wood
Coalhouses: George Finlee, Martin Jakson, John Pye, Robert Curle
Nunnykirk: Michael Clark
Coatside: Henry Armstrong
Dorehil or Doehill: Thomas Backster


Whitehouse: Thomas Bell, William Hogg, John Hogg, Widdow Hogg
Roughlees: Robert Tomson, William Wood
Useley: Henry Thornton, John Pots, William Bates, Edward Himmers, James Potes
Colnhill: John Wilson
Healey: Thomas English, James Heppel
Coalhouses: Andrew Hunter, John Hunter
Parkhead: Matthew Story, William Curry
Shelle: John Davison
Fontgreet: John Tod, Thomas Milburn
Old Park: Anthony Joycy
Healy Mill: John Legg
Coatsyd: Ben Dan
Ritton: Wm. Winship