Newcastle All Saints baptisms & burials 1791-1797

2,773 baptisms, 54 births of dissenters, and 971 burials at All Saints in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, spanning 1791-1797. Surprisingly, the mother’s maiden surname is givenĀ in baptisms from Feb through August in 1791.

Sample baptisms:

  • 20 Feb 1791 William Errington, son of Lancelot Errington (waterman) & Margaret Gilchrist (his wife)
  • 28 Aug 1791 Ann Stokoe, daughter of Robert Stokoe (coachmaker) & Margaret Houstie (his wife)
  • 28 Jul 1793 Isabella Skelton, daughter of Joseph Skelton (potter) & Isabella (his wife)
  • 24 Aug 1794 Isabella [Knipe/Blades], daughter of George Blades (lead miner) & Jane Knipe, illegitimate
  • 31 Dec 1797 Alexander Hay, born 4 Aug 1797, son of Alexander Hay (corkcutter) & Isabella (his wife)

The births of dissenters were all entered in the 1800-1812 time frame, so even if they occurred earlier, they have the high level of detail typical of that period. They are entered in family groups, with the parents reporting the births of all of their children (so far) at once. For example:

  • 1785 Margaret Reid, born 23 Oct 1785, 1st daughter of Christian Ker Reid (silversmith, native of Edinbro’) by his wife Margery Reid (daughter of William Fordyce, woolcomber of Wooler, Northumberland)
    [Note: this is entered, with 12 siblings, on a list of “Dissenters & others not baptized at this Church”, after 1812 baptisms.]

Sample burials:

  • 12 Jan 1791 William Betson, infant of Richard Betson (waterman)
  • 10 Oct 1792 William Allinson, attorney at law
  • 9 Jun 1794 Anne Carby, wife of John Carby (master mariner)
  • 13 Nov 1795 Edward Humble, musical instrument maker
  • 29 Oct 1797 Elizabeth Summerbell, age: 100, widow of William Summerbell (yeoman)