Ponteland baptisms & burials 1602-1694, marriages 1729-1768, banns 1754-1812

Working our way back to the beginning of Ponteland (Castle Ward district, Northumberland), we added:

  • 1,365 baptisms from the beginning of the first register in 1602 to the end of 1694
  • 771 burials: 1602-1694
  • 449 marriages: 1729-1768
  • 122 “banns called but not married here” from 1754-1812

The first register starts in 1602 and fluctuates between Latin and English. Between July 1630 and August 1677, there was no regular entry of baptisms; instead, that space was later used to “catch up”, with blocks of baptisms from the 1670s and 1680s entered there, often in family groups. In that period, there are no baptisms from July 1630 to Sept 1642 and only 5 between 1642 and 1672. Many pages are very damaged and some names or partial names or dates are missing (torn off, faded, blotted, water-damaged). We estimate that between 20 and 40 baptisms sprinkled throughout are completely unreadable. Sometimes it is impossible to tell if an entry is a baptism or burial of a child, because the designation of the event has been torn away, smudged, or faded. Where the register was unreadable, we have relied on H.M. Wood’s transcription of the register, made 100 years ago when the register was¬†presumably in better condition – but not much, as he too marked many parts unreadable.

Example baptisms – just under half show the abode, and occasionally there are occupations and birth dates – no mothers named except in illegitimate births:

  • 27 Mar 1602 Isabella Erington, of Pont Iland, daughter of Marci Erington (armiger [gentleman, squire])
  • 3 Jun 1621 Antonius Sharpro, son of Gulielmi Sharpro
  • 8 Apr 1630 Richardus Gofton, of High Callerton, son of Roberti Gofton
  • 23 Jan 1677 Ralph Horsley, of Milburn Grange, son of George Horsley
    [Note: entered in a block with siblings whose births span 1676-1684.]
  • 20 Sep 1694 Dorothy Carneby, of Milburn Grange, daughter of Ralph Carneby

Similar to the baptisms, there are no burials shown between August 1630 and August 1678, but a few catch-up burials from 1676 to 1678 are entered near the end of 1682. The page damage makes many burials unreadable. There are no burials shown for 1692. Example burials:

  • 28 Feb 1603 Georgius Hepall, of Pont Iland, agricola [farmer]
  • 22 Dec 1613 Gulielmus Erington, of Pont I., son of Marci [Mark] Erington (armi. [squire])
  • 5 Apr 1624 Lucia Cooke, vidua [widow]
  • 31 Aug 1678 Mable Ogle, of East Brunton, buryed in woolen
  • 7 Jan 1686 Hannah Sisterson, of High Callerton, daughter of Jacobi Sisterson
  • 13 Aug 1691 Jana Donkine, of Dorishall [Darras Hall], wife of Radolphi Donkine

There are no marriages from Apr 1767 to May 1768. Example marriages:

  • 24 Apr 1729 Ozwald Dunn married Margaret Chanler
  • 29 Oct 1738 Wm. Whack (of the parish of Gateshead) married Ann Gee (of this parish)
  • 11 May 1758 John Airsbet otherwise Archbold married Mary Embleton, both of this parish, by banns
    Witnesses: Gilbert Cargey; Thomas Dobson
  • 5 Sep 1768 Joseph Thompson (of the parish of Sunderland) married Frances Forster (of this parish), by licence
    Witnesses: Patrick Blake; Richard Thompson; John Bell; Edward Dodd
  • Banns: 5 May 1754 John Rutlish (of this parish) & Elizabeth Stokoe (of the parish of Midford)
    [Note: not married here; date is last banns publication.]

Abodes mentioned frequently were Berwick Hill, Brenklo or Brinkley, Byer Hill, Carter Moor or Kartram Moore, Coldcoats, Darras Hall, Dinnington or Dunnington, Eland Hall, Hiecallerton or High Callerton, Hortingrange or Horton Grange, the Houl House or Houlhilhous, Kirkley (Kerklo, Kirklae, Kirkloe), Little Callerton, Marsfen, Mason or Marson, Milburne, Milburne Grange, Pont Island/Iland/Eland, and Prestick or Prestwick.

Here is some random church business that was documented in the register and might be interesting to someone:

  • 7 Oct 1698 and Nov 1699: money to be collected for the maintenance of the poor child Andrew Liverins belonging to the parish
  • 9 Apr 1705: Margaret Clennel of Stamfordham was cleared for keeping the orphans of this parish
  • 10 Aug 1709: Mrs. Alice Bonner, wife to Mr. William Bonner of High Callarton, gave to the Church a table and napkin for the Communion table
  • Apr 1743: Mr. John Coulter of Newcastle upon Tyne, feltmaker, deceased, left ¬£20 to the parish of Ponteland, to be lent out at interest and the interest to be distributed annually amongst “poor housekeepers” living in the parish
  • 1754: Mrs. Dorothy Fenwick of Prestwick gave a crimson velvet cover the pulpit cushion

Here are the names & abodes of the “four and twenty” (local men responsible for parish government and operations) of Ponteland in 1700:

At Kirkley: Cuthbert Ogle, Thomas Ogle
At High Callerton: William Bonner, John Atkinson, John Fairfowl, William Sharper
At Milburne Grange: John Horsley
At Carter Moor: Mark Ogle
At Benridge: John Ward
At Prestick/Prestwick: Wm. Potts, Thomas Reay, Francis Anderson
At Horton Grange: Wm. Reay, Mark Reay
At Marsfen: Robert Fenwick
At Eland Hall: Aaron Gofton, John Cutter
At Higham Dykes: John Aynsley (crossed out and replaced by Robert Crow Jr.)
At Milburne town: Wm. Charlton
At Kirkley Thorn: John Readhead
At the Rectory: Robert Crow, Dr. John Cartwright (Vicar)
At Berwick Hill: Thomas Sickeram (crossed out and replaced by John Fenwick)
At Darras Hall: Ralph Donkin
At Brenkley: Mathew Laws Jr.
At Coldcoats: Robert Mavin or Mauin
At Dinnington: John Wilkinson