Post-1837 marriages: Hamsterley, Haughton-le-Skerne, Hetton-le-Hole, Houghton-le-Spring, Hurworth, Jarrow, Lamesley, Long Newton

We’ve been working on extending our marriage collection at each Anglican church from mid-1837 (where civil registration began and many of our transcripts currently stop) to the end of 1841 or later, depending on parish size and time available. These marriages are the same as a civil marriage record, with ages (or at least “of full age” or “minor”), fathers, occupations, marital statuses, and witnesses.

We are tackling the churches in alphabetical order. In this set we have 1,109 marriages spanning mid-1837 to the end of 1841 at these churches:

  • 48 marriages at Hamsterley St. James
  • 35 marriages at Haughton-le-Skerne St. Andrew
  • 132 marriages at Hetton-le-Hole St. Nicholas
  • 322 marriages at Houghton-le-Spring St. Michael & All Angels
  • 43 marriages at Hurworth All Saints
  • 411 marriages at Jarrow St. Paul
  • 70 marriages at Lamesley St. Andrew
  • and 48 marriages at Long Newton St. Mary spanning 1837-1861 because it had so few by the end of 1841

Sample marriages:

  • Hamsterley: 5 Jul 1840 William Race (bachelor, pitman, age: minor, of Southside, son of John Race, pitman) married Isabella Peart (spinster, full age, of Southside, daughter of Thomas Peart, miner)
    Witnesses: John Race; Nathan Race
  • Hetton-le-Hole: 16 Oct 1837 Henry Sutton (bachelor, grocer, age 23, of Hetton le Hole, son of John Sutton, pitman) married Martha Cowens (widow, age 28, of Downs Lane, daughter of Robert Reay, pitman)
    Witnesses: Robert Reay; George Wilkie
  • Lamesley: 22 Apr 1840 Matthew Lowry (widower, pitman, age 75, of Eighton Banks, son of Thomas Lowry, pitman) married Mary Wilkinson (spinster, servant, age 57, of Eighton Banks, daughter of John Wilkinson, pitman)
    Witnesses: Peter Elliott; Mary Harrison; Margaret Browell