Ford baptisms 1684-1852 & burials 1684-1851

From Ford St. Michael & All Angels in the Glendale district of Northumberland – a new parish and a new district for us:

  • 3,336  baptisms from the beginning of the first register in 1684 to 11 July 1852
  • 6,258 burials spanning 1684-1851

Abodes mentioned besides Ford or Foord include Akeld, Ancroft Moor, Barelees, Barmoor Ridge, Berriehill/Berryhill, Berrington Lough, Berwick, Birkenside, Black-Latch, Blinkbonny, Blue Bell, Bowsden, Brankston or Branxton, Breconside, Broomridge, Cartfordlaw (Catfordlaw), Copeland, Cornhill, Crookham, Darnchester, Divet Hall, Doddington or Dorrington, Duddo, Easington, East Ord, Eastfield, Eatel (Etal), Encampment, Erroll Hutt, Felkington, Fenton, Flodden, Ford Colliery, Ford Common, Ford Forge, Ford Hill, Ford Moss, Ford Wood, Gatherick, Greenlaw Walls, Grindon, Harper Rigg, Haslyside, Heatherslaw, Heaton, Heslyhouse, Humbleton, Keekout, Kerr’s-field Mains, Kilham, Kimmerston, Kyloe, Lanton, Leatham Hill, Linthaugh, Longdyke, Lookout, Lowick, Lowlynn, Marden, Milfield, Mindrum, Moneylaws, Mount Pleasant, Nesbit, New Etal, Norham, Oak Hall, Pallinsburn, Presson, Realup, Rhodes, Sclatraw, Shoreswood, Slainsfield, Spittal, Thornington, Tiptoe, Twizel, Wark, Watchlaw, West Field, Woodend, and Woodside.

There are several gaps in the earliest baptisms: Apr 1687 to Jan 1688, Mar 1688 to Apr 1689, Apr 1689 to Oct 1690, Oct 1690 to April 1692. In 1692, the new Rector left a note saying the register had been neglected from 1687 to 1692, and it looks like an attempt was made to add some baptisms from the memories of the parents. There is also a gap from  Apr 1750 to Apr 1751.

The Ford register has a higher-than-usual number of “Births of the children of dissenters”, probably mostly Presbyterians. These were generally recorded at the end of each register or in groups between certain years, but there were none recorded between 1699 and 1750, and we assume that many went unrecorded in other periods as well.

Most baptisms after 1694 show abodes, and mothers are named starting in Oct 1772. Mother’s maiden surnames start showing up in 1796, before they were required, and some baptisms in the 1798-1812 period give the names of the mother’s parents. Interestingly, even the dissenters adhered to the official Anglican format during this period, and because they tended to report several of their children’s births at one time, some of those births reach as far back as 1786 yet have the mother’s maiden surname or even her parents, as was required in 1798-1812. Examples:

  • 29 Jul 1684 Nickolis Arnot, son of Alexr. Arnot
  • 19 Mar 1699 Thomas Rankin, of Hetherslaw, son of William Rankin
    [Note: on a page titled “Dissenters children (christenings)”, placed after Dec 1698 in the register.]
  • 27 Aug 1710 Margaret Allan, of Kimmerston, daughter of John Allan (junior)
  • 30 May 1731 Cath. Marr, of Rhodes, daughter of Ja. [James] Marr
  • 11 Feb 1753 Francis Nesbit, of Gautherick, base born son of Ann Nesbit
  • 15 Jun 1781 Mary Wood, of Etal, daughter of Aaron & Phillis Wood
  • 25 Dec 1796 James Service, of Ford, born 4 Jun, son of John Service (labourer) & Isabella his wife formerly Spears, Dissenter, registered 25 Dec 1796
  • 1 Dec 1806 Ann Grey, of Slainsfield, born 30 Nov, 8th daughter (a twin) of Ralph Grey (pitman, native of the chapelry of Belford) by his wife Alice Spence (daughter of John and Ann Spence, native of Tiptoe, parish of Norham)
  • 6 Apr 1814 Rice Paxton Hair, of Mardon, son of Bartholomew (farmer) & Elizabeth Hair
  • 10 Dec 1828 Jane [Riddle/Foster], illegitimate daughter of William Riddle (husbandman of Chatton) & Jane Foster (spinster of Kimmerston)
  • 21 Feb 1852 John Dunn, of Oak Hall, son of Richard (gamekeeper) & Catherine Dunn


Similar to the baptisms, there are no burials in the register from August 1689 to April 1692 and only one between Nov 1687 and Jan 1689. From 1689 onward, most burials list an abode, and many offer the name of a father or husband. The 1798-1812 set is pretty good with the usual details – age, occupation, maiden surname of the mother of a deceased child, quite a few maiden surnames for deceased married women.

While it looks like the burial count was abnormally high compared to the baptism count, the register shows us that the burial ground at Ford serviced a much wider swathe of geography which included many adjacent parishes. The strong presence of dissenters in this area helps explain why the burial count is so much higher than the baptism count, as most dissenters were buried in the Anglican churchyard in this period. Some examples:

  • 17 Jan 1684 Margaret Tayler, wife of Henry Tayler
  • 5 Apr 1700 Joseph Ranken, of Crookham, son of George Ranken
  • 23 Aug 1720 Samuel Cuthbraith, of Eatel, a child, son of James Cuthbraith
  • 14 Feb 1741 Andrew Allen, of Hetherslaw, son of Widow Allen
  • 28 Sep 1760 Mrs. Elizabeth Jeffreys, of late of Hetherslaw, from Berwick, wife of Thomas Jeffreys
  • 18 Jan 1794 Jane Haggerstone, of Fenton, base born daughter of William Haggerstone
  • 28 Nov 1796 James Stuart, of Ford, shoemaker
  • 2 Jan 1801 Sarah Pinkerton, of Berwick, age: 34, died 30 Dec 1800, daughter of Thomas Pinkerton (Gentleman) & Ann his wife late Grieve
  • 18 Apr 1808 Jane Quarry late Mills, of the Chapelry of Lowick, age: 66, died 15 Apr, relict of James Douglas, wife of George Quarry (husbandman)
  • 13 Dec 1812 James Darling, of Horncliff Bankhead, parish of Norham, age: 37, farmer, died 11 Dec
  • 4 Jul 1823 George Green, of Broomridge, age: 103
  • 11 Oct 1846 Rachel Landles, of Crookham, age: 94