Barnard Castle baptisms 1609-1687

At Barnard Castle St. Mary in Teesdale district:

  • 3,987 baptisms spanning 1609-1687

We now have all the baptisms at this church from 1609 to 1846 inclusive. This register is the earliest one available from this church, but on the first page, it declares itself to be the 2nd register of this church. The original first register, covering the period before 1609, must have been lost or destroyed.

Most of these baptisms show only the date, child’s name, and the father’s name. If the child is illegitimate, sometimes both parents are shown, or more often, just the mother. Just over 9% show an abode. Occasionally a birth date or the father’s occupation or a descriptor such as “the elder” is present. The register is extremely disordered from 1661 through mid-1664, with entries from those 4 years all mixed together in a seemingly random order and the year not stated, so some of the dates in that section could be off by a year.

Here are some examples:

  • 27 Dec 1609 Jane Myers, daughter of Simon Myers
  • 16 Jul 1615 Talbot Thursbye, son of Mr. Cuthbert Thursbye (Gent)
  • 4 Dec 1625 Isabell [Arrowsmith/Coatsworth], base daughter of Thomas Arrowsmith & Elizabeth Coatsworth
  • 7 Apr 1647 George Daile, son of Mr. George Daile
  • 22 Jun 1654 Anne Warckops, daughter of John Warckops (Junior)
  • 13 Feb 1668 Henry Smailes, of Westwick, son of Christopher Smailes
  • 21 Dec 1687 John Tinkler, born 17 Dec, son of Guy Tinkler

The few abodes mentioned in this set besides Barnard Castle include Hungerknowle, Marwood, Shipley, Stainton or Stenton, Startforth, Streatlam, Westwick, and Woolhouse.