Barnard Castle burials 1617-1687

At Barnard Castle St. Mary in Teesdale district:

  • 3,123 burials spanning 1617-1687

We now have all the burials at this church from 1617 to 1904 inclusive. This register is the earliest one available from this church, but on the first page, it declares itself to be the 2nd register. The original first register must have been lost or destroyed. Also, although the earliest baptisms in this register are dated 1609, there are no burials recorded until 1617, so this set comprises the earliest burials available.

There are very few abodes mentioned: Barfoote, Eastshawes, Hungerknowle, Lartington, Marwood, Shipley, Stainton or Stenton, Startforth, Streatlam, Westshawes, Westwick, and Whorleton.

These burials often list the father of a deceased child or the husband of a deceased woman. From 1656 onward, the clerk employed the curious custom of calling unnamed children (presumably newborns) “Anonymus” for males and “Anonyma” for females. Here are some example burials:

  • 12 Apr 1617 Hellaine Johnson, of Whorleton, daughter of Raph Johnson
  • 26 May 1627 Tymothy Westwicke, son of the late Leonard Westwicke
  • 13 Oct 1635 [blank] [Harryson/Grainger], a base child of Christopher Grainger & Phillis Harryson
  • 20 Nov 1642 Jayne Naiteby, wife of Cuthbert Naiteby, died of the plague
    [Note: buried with her daughter Margaret.]
  • 28 May 1667 John Dent, son of John Dent (letter carrier)
  • 11 Apr 1687 Phyllis Cooper, wife of Ambrosse Cooper
  • 12 Dec 1687 Anonymus Hall, of Streatlam, son of Thomas Hall